• 01 Mar 2023
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Version 10.6

This section gives you an insight into the new features and enhancements that are currently under the development pipeline for the next release, v10.6.

Expected Release: Last week of April 2023

New Features

  • Administration-> IIS  operations: Capability to operate IIS Websites and IIS App pools with granular access policies and auditing
  • EDI Parties & Agreements Export/Import: BizTalk360 users can Export/Import the parties & agreements in the BizTalk group
  • Administration -> BizTalk360 Log Viewer: Capture the BizTalk360 Monitoring and Analytics Services Logs in the database, interface to view logs in BizTalk360 
  • Secure SQL Queries in Data Monitoring:  This feature helps to monitor the query results of configured Secure SQL Queries with rich filtering capabilities
  • BizTalk360 Logs in Data Monitoring:  Notify the users about the critical, warning and Info logs collected from BizTalk360 Monitoring and Analytics using the Data monitoring schedule



  • Generate BHM reports for the selected profile in the environment 
  •  View the well-formatted message contents based on the type. Capability to search the message content in Message Box, ESB and Tracking Service Instances   
  • Improve BAM view columns selection and group by option as in earlier versions of BizTalk360 or the BAM portal


  • Application Monitoring: Ability to automatically enable all the artefacts in the application
  • Endpoint Monitoring: Option to update the endpoints URI(File, FTP, SFTP and IBM Queues) whenever changes detected in BizTalk Admin Console
  • In the Alarm configuration, set the notification channels not to receive the UP alerts 
  • The email subject shows the status indication (Critical, Warning, Healthy). The users are allowed to customize the email subject to a certain extent.
  • Cluster Host Instances monitoring allows the user to determine "exactly one" host instance is active 
  • Attach Message content in ESB Data Monitoring notifications  
  • ESB Notification - Group by Fault Code, Description, Type 
  • View the email sent to the users in the Notification history 
  • Attaching KB Article link in Notifications 
  • Improve the filter capabilities in Message Box, ESB, Event Log and BAM data monitoring schedule
  • Remove the SMS functionality ( Alternatively, users can use the Twilio SMS notification channel) 


Throttling Analyser

  • Validate the Receive and Send handlers that are not configured
  •  In addition to this, enable the data collection for Data Size metrics of Host Queues, Spool Size and Tracking Data
  • Collecting User Override metrics for Publish and Delivery throttling


  • Installer: Supporting HTTPS Protocol in Fresh & Upgrade installations
  • Automated Tasks: Notify only when the task is failed in the automated task 


  • The application name tooltip is not shown when it's the larger name in BizTalk Applications. GroupBy option customization is not shown completely under Send port properties>Filters.
  • SFTP location has to monitor when the Destination folder is configured in BizTalk Admin Console
  •  Analytics Widgets: Unable to view data for Message Volume by Schema and last 24 hours data of Tracking database Disk Usage performance widgets


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