• 29 Apr 2022
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Version 10.3

This section will give you an insight about the list of features and enhancements that are currently under development pipeline for the next release V10.3.

Expected Release Date:
30th June, 2022

New Features

  1. Automatic Tasks execution by the schedule or manual trigger - (Applications, Application Artefacts, Host Instances, Custom Workflow, Logic Apps )
  2. Reorganize/Rebuild the BizTalk360 Table indexes with the database maintenance
  3. Performance monitoring: Monitor the stress of CPU/RAM over a specific timeframe in the Data Monitoring
  4. Monitor the state of EDI Agreements in an BizTalk Group
  5. Pager Duty notification channel integration


  1. Option to restart the Host Instances automatically with maximum number of restart limit
  2. Implement the Data Monitoring schedule enable/disable option to manage the schedules
  3. Indicate and filtered out the orphaned application artefacts during the import process
  4. Integrate the Reporting in Analytics dashboards
  5. Framework to generate Secure SQL reports in Analytics in excel format
  6. Send the Governance & Audit activities in email
  7. Automated Auditing reports: Generate the Auditing reports with the predefined Secure SQL queries of Governance & Audit Data
  8. In Adminstration show the Hosts min/max worker threads and min/max IO threads
  9. Cluster Disk and Cluster NT Services monitoring support to the BizTalk Servers
  10. Dashboard Improvements
    i) Make the custom dashboard the default dashboard
    ii) Dashboard- Lock for edit (permission to provide customize option for global dashboard)
  11. Installer Improvements
    i) New Installer design implementation
    ii) gMSA Service Account support while installing the BizTalk360
  12. Host Instances include the bulk operation summary
  13. Notification channel - Encryption and decryption
  14. Implement the grid pagination across the application. User can enable the pagination based on their preference

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