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Getting BizTalk360 to run a BHM Monitoring profile

  • Updated on 18 Oct 2018
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Issue at Hand. One of our existing customers posted the following feedback request - http://feedback.biztalk360.com/forums/331695-biztalk360-operations/suggestions/20567692-bhm-bt360-profile-use-monitoring-profile He wanted to specify or change the BHM Monitoring Profile that BizTalk360 should use.

Monitoring Profile in BHM A Monitoring profile is in fact a BHM profile, but configured specifically to execute a short selection of critical BHM queries/rules and custom rules checking the state of given ports, orchestrations, host instances, queues and BizTalk databases sizes, and raise critical warnings detected in a log.

Current Working of BizTalk360 integrated BHM The BizTalk360 product integrates with BHM, but currently has the limitation that you cannot specify a profile that is stored in BHM which should be scheduled and run at those specific times.

Solution Work-Around You can create and select those rules you wish to run as shown below in the screenshot. Then save the Profile. This will automatically save a copy in the folder - C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\BizTalkHealthMonitor with the name MBVSETTINGS_.xml

Then all you need to do is copy this XML file and paste it in the BizTalk360 folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\Kovai Ltd\BizTalk360\Service, delete the existing MBVSETTINGS.xml and rename the copied file to MBVSETTINGS.xml

Then the next time you hit -> Run BHM now, or BizTalk360 scheduled runs for BHM, BizTalk360 will pick that profile and run the rules for it.

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