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Icons not displaying in BizTalk360 at IE browser

  • Updated on 18 Oct 2018
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Once after installing/upgrading BizTalk360, you may face a problem like the icons are not displaying in Internet Explore, so that you cannot navigate to other BizTalk360 pages.


First, we want to confirm if it is a problem with the BizTalk360 application alone or if it is a generic one. To check, open the website which contains icons.

Say for example: Font awesome website which contains huge number of icons http://fontawesome.io/icons/


If you still face the same problem, like icons are not displaying on the website, we can confirm that it is a general problem and it is a permission issue which is specific to IE. Kindly enable the settings under IE browser.


Once after enabling the settings and saving, please close and open the browser again.

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