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  • Updated on 01 May 2018
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It's important to make sure the physical infrastructure of your BizTalk environment like servers, disks, CPU, memory etc., are healthy for proper functioning. As a best practice we recommend you to create one alarm dedicated to monitoring all the infrastructure related items. BizTalk360 alarm system comes with full flexibility, so if you prefer, you can have 1 or more infrastructure related alarms as well. Example: One monitoring all BizTalk servers, one monitoring all SQL servers etc. 

There is no hard and soft rules, you just need to analyse it based on your own requirements and what will be essential to keep the "Lights ON" for your BizTalk environment(s).

To get started, first create an alarm called "Infrastructure Monitoring Alarm" as explained in Creating an alarm) section. Once the alarm is created, you can add the following sections into the alarm from all BizTalk and SQL servers in the environment:

  • CPU & Memory
  • NT Services (such as rules engine, Enterprise SSO, Base EDI, and so on)
  • Disks (available disk space)
  • Server availability
  • Event Logs (any events related to BizTalk server and SQL server)

In the following sections, this will be described in more detail.

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