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  • Updated on 01 Jun 2018
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Team Knowledge Base

Team knowledge base repository is a collection of data/articles that contains solutions to the common problems faced by support personnel while supporting the BizTalk environment(s). In a BizTalk environment, the errors and exceptions occur when something is not in the expected state. In these situations, BizTalk will attach an error code to these errors. The user can see the error description for the problem, but most of the times the information is very basic and does not provide the much-needed information for a support user. The user is forced to refer to multiple sources to understand the problem. Once the solution is found for the problem, the traditional way of documenting the information was to create a SharePoint document or as a Wiki. The challenge with this approach is that whenever the problem happens again, the support person is not aware of the existing documentation and they had to start all over to diagnose the actual problem.

BizTalk360 addresses this challenge by providing a knowledge base functionality using which the support person can create knowledge base articles for the issues they encounter on a day-to-day basis.

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