One Platform. Operations, Monitoring and Analytics

Over 50+ features bundled into one single solution to make your BizTalk Server
monitoring and administration super efficient and secure


BizTalk360 is proud to help over 650+ customers in 30+ countries protecting over 2500+ BizTalk environments.


You will require BizTalk360 if you face any of these challenges in your BizTalk Server Environment


My BizTalk Server goes down due to several reasons and I never get to know about it immediately unless I receive a phone call from my colleague or my manager.


We rely too much on our BizTalk Administrators to manually carry out trivial tasks such as enabling ports, starting orchestrations, enlisting send ports, and so on.


We have very little visibility into what is happening within our BizTalk Server Environments. We also find it difficult to know how the messages flow within the BizTalk server.


There is absolutely no clue as to who made the changes as nothing is audited in the environment. Our support people got administrative rights on BizTalk and SQL Servers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is BizTalk360 v10 compatible with the earlier versions/ Can we upgrade our existing BizTalk360 version to v10?

Yes, if you are currently working with BizTalk360 v8 and above. If you are engaged with lower versions, please consult with our support team via

What are the BizTalk Server versions that are compatible with BizTalk360 v10?

All versions from BizTalk Server 2009 and newer (including BizTalk Server 2020) are supported by BizTalk360.

Is BizTalk360 a direct product from Microsoft?

No, BizTalk360 is a third-party product from for BizTalk Server Monitoring, Operations, and Analytics. We are also proud to add that Microsoft is one of our biggest customers.

What are the hardware and software requirements for BizTalk360 v10?

We support all the latest Server products like Window Server 2019, SQL Server 2019, and Visual Studio 2019.

What is the licensing/pricing model for BizTalk360?

BizTalk360 has a subscription model that is based on different license tiers to choose from. To know more, please have a discussion with our expert via the above form or check our pricing page.

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