To Do List after Installation
  • 11 Feb 2019
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To Do List after Installation

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Article Summary

Once BizTalk360 is installed, the administrators can easily set up BizTalk360 as shown below:

You can check the To-Do List section under Settings. This list shows a w tasks to help you get started with BizTalk360 and get the most out of BizTalk360.


Below list shows a couple of tasks, which can be performed.

  1. Configure Environments
    • Add new environments as per the business requirement
    • Activate new license for the configured environments
  2. Set up User Access Policies
    • Add a new user
    • Set up applications access
    • Set up user permissions
  3. Set up monitoring and notifications
    • Create an alarm
    • Set up the alarm threshold settings
    • Set up the daily health check/status monitoring settings
    • Set up the notification channels
    • Map the artifacts to be monitored with the alarm
    • Configure the SMTP settings
    • Configure the SMS Gateway (if required)
    • Configure the Email template#

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