• 09 May 2019
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Release Date: 9 May 2019

Brand New Features

Feature Comments Section in BizTalk360
BizTalk360 Activities Auditing BizTalk360 Activities auditing will give a clear insight about the various activities performed by the users in the "Manage Alarm, Artifacts Mapping, and Secure SQL query" Sections.
Alarm activities includes Create, Edit, Update and Importing an alarm.
Artifacts mapping activities include Adding, Modifying, Removing the monitoring configurations of an artifact.
Secure SQL query auditing includes Creating new query, Editing/Deleting the query and Query import.
Operations -> Governance Audit -> BizTalk360 Activities
SMTP Notification Channel Easily using the same email recipients for multiple alarms was not possible in earlier versions; the recipient's details need to be entered for each and every alarm. To overcome this we have introduced the SMTP Notification channel, through which the user can configure email distribution lists under one channel and can be mapped to multiple alarms. In addition to this, we have added email grouping for Up Alert and AutoCorrect Alert. With this, the user can configure different email ids to receive Up and AutoCorrect alerts . Settings -> Monitoring and Notification -> Manage Notification Channels
Switch User Roles In earlier versions, there was no option to convert a Super user to a Custom user or vice versa. The user access policy needed to be deleted and then recreated. To overcome this, we have added the capability to convert between the user types by editing the user and toggling the user option. Settings -> User Access Policy -> Manage Users
Unmapped Application Artifacts BizTalk360 can monitor amongst others BizTalk application artifacts. With this new Unmapped application artifacts feature, you can able determine the artifacts which are not (yet) mapped for monitoring. Monitoring ->Home -> Unmapped Application Artifacts
System Alerts BizTalk360 can push System alerts to the configured admin users. These admin users can be configured in System Settings. System alerts are triggered to notify the Unmapped application artifacts in the BizTalk environment and License expiration. The list of Unmapped application artifacts can be notified based on the alert schedule in the system settings. License Expiration notification will be automatically be triggered on 30, 15, 7 , 2 days before the license expiry. Settings->System Settings-> Monitoring and Notification Settings
Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard option is implemented for most of the required fields across all the modules in the application . With this, the user can copy the field values in a single click from BizTalk360 UI. Across all the modules in the application


Enhancement Comments/Fix Provided Section in BizTalk360
Default Auto Correct Reset Interval Auto healing is an existing feature which tries to bring the artifacts to the expected state after a violation has occured. The user can set the number of retries and reset it when maximum limit is reached. However, it can be time-consuming to set the reset interval time for every configured auto correct. To overcome this, an option to set the default auto-correct reset interval is introduced in the System settings section. Settings -> System Settings-> Monitoring & Notification settings
Monitoring Dashboard Improvements Now monitoring graph can be resized based on the screen resolution. Other UI improvements have done, summarized dashboard can be seen in a much enriched view. Monitoring -> Home
Blade Improvements When multiple blades are opened, there was a partial inconsistency with the blades. Already opened blade remained open untill the user close it manually. Now the blade will get closed when user click on other blade and the user is able to view only relevant blades Across all the modules in the application

Bug Fixes

Reported Issue Comments/Fix Provided Section in BizTalk360
Event Log Data Monitoring Error In Event Log Data Monitoring, the additional filters (AND/OR) values are not persisted correctly while editing the schedule. This issue has been fixed now. Monitoring-> Data Monitoring-> Event Log
Event Log Table Indexes Clustered Indexes are created for the columns Type and Record Number. This will improve the performance of querying with filters of Type and Record Number. BizTalk360 Database
Issue in Filter Grid After applying a filter on grid values, when the Select all option is choosen, it selects all the values rather selecting only the filtered values . This issue is fixed now. Operation, Monitoring, Analytics,Import and Export (Settings)
Live feed issue When the Live feed is enabled in the Setting section, it logs Guid format exceptions. The issue is fixed now Live Feed
GetSendAdapterProperties API Document is updated The SendPortTransport's parameter, specifies the sendPortTransport type as Primary, Secondary. For which Primary=0 and Secondary=1 is added in the description of API Documentation. Settings -> API document -> BizTalkApplicationservices -> GetSendAdapterProperties
Error in Analytics Reporting In Analytics, when a report is configured, a primary constraint violation error occurs in Reporting while inserting data to the dbo.b360_BizTalkDB_Tbl_sizes table, when the regional settings are set to Turkish. This issue has been fixed. Analytics -> BizTalk Reporting
Unable to create rules with XML typed document schema In the Rules Composer, when we try to create a rule with XML typed document schema, it was showing an incompatibility error for the Microsoft Rule Engine. This issue has been fixed and now rules can be created. Operations -> Rules -> Business Rules Composer
Exception when a System Alert is configured for Monitoring errors When a System Alert Email is configured, to get Monitor Error details, then the Alarm is not triggered. This issue has been fixed. Settings -> System Settings -> System Alert
SQL server name column is missing in Email Template A New column is added as "Name" for Monitoring Report in the Default Email Template Settings->Monitoring and Notification-> Manage Email Template
While importing Alarms without Configuring SQL Server for the Environment, a Monitor Error occurs for the SQL Server. From this version on, an Alarm with a SQL Server mapping can be imported only when the SQL Server is added for monitoring in the destination environment. Settings->Import And Export
Application Start/Stop option is displaying on all environments on the Live Feed panel In this version, users are able to see the environment name with environment color code in the Live Feed panel. Live Feed
Couldn't Create Support tickets from BizTalk360 Application Now the user can create a BizTalk360 support tickets from BizTalk360 application again. Home Page

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