• 27 Jun 2024
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When you have a set of applications running in your BizTalk environment, you will be interested to keep an eye on the health of the application(s). The health of applications is directly connected to various artifacts that are running inside the application like Receive Locations, Send Ports, Orchestrations, and Service Instances.

This section explains how you can monitor your BizTalk Application artifacts. Check the below articles to understand how to set up monitoring:

Setup Application Monitoring 

  • Alarm creation is the basic step to configure monitoring. Follow this article to create an Alarm based on your business need.
  • To view the available applications in the environment, navigate to Monitoring ->Manage Mapping->Applications. The available applications are listed along with the Application name, Application status, and Suspended Instances count in the application.
  • Click on each application to view and map the available artifacts for monitoring. However, you can also map all the artifacts for monitoring in one go by configuring "Alarm to Monitor Unmapped Artifacts".

Automatically Monitor the Unmapped Artifacts 

This option allows you to automatically configure all the unmapped artifacts in the application for monitoring. Also, this enables the system to automatically monitor whenever a new artifact is created under this application.

Follow the below steps to use this functionality.

  1.  To configure unmapped artifacts mapping select the Alarm from the dropdown. By default, this value is set as none.
  2. Click on the settings icon to configure additional details.
    • Expected state - Set to positive (Started/Enabled/Running) or Negative (Stopped/Disabled) 
    • Enable AutoCorrect - When this is enabled, then autocorrect will also enable the monitoring artifacts. 
    • Ignore mapped artifacts in other alarms - Enable this to ignore the mapping if the particular unmapped artifacts are mapped for monitoring in other alarms.

You can also map your application artifacts to multiple alarms; this choice is completely based on the business scenario.

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