Configure SMTP Notification Channel
  • 03 Jun 2024
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Configure SMTP Notification Channel

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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the standard protocol for email services. With this, you can send emails on a TCP/IP network. In BizTalk360, SMTP is used to send email alerts to the users. In addition to that, if you want to send alerts to an email distribution list, then you can configure the custom SMTP notification channel and you can also specifically notify Up and AutoCorrect Alert to respective users.

Use case - Create an email distribution group (mailing list) using the SMTP Channel

There might be a situation where you need to notify the status of BizTalk Application artifacts to a group of people based on the business needs This can be achieved using the SMTP notification channel by creating multiple email recipient groups and mapping the SMTP channel to the respective alarm which has been configured to monitor the BizTalk Application artifacts. The same SMTP channel can be used for multiple alarms.
For example, if you want to notify BizTalk360 alerts to the support or the development team, you can create an email distribution list for each team, by adding the recipients' email id’s in SMTP Notification Channel. This SMTP Channel can be used in multiple alarms, which reduces the effort to configure an email list on each and every alarm.

NOTE: To Create multiple email distribution lists, you can create multiple SMTP Channels. The same SMTP Channel can be used in multiple alarms. You can also map any number of SMTP channels per single alarm.

Configuring SMTP Channel in BizTalk360

To configure the SMTP Notification channel, follow the below steps:

  • Log in to the BizTalk360 application
  • Click the Settings icon found at the left corner of the page
  • Click Notification from the Menu panel on the left side of the screen
  • Click Notification Channels
  • Click the ellipse icon against the SMTP Channel name (B360.Notifier.SMTP) and click Edit
  • Email Configurations -Enter the list of email recipients whom you want to notify the BizTalk360 alerts and enter the recipients to get notified on CC
  • Notification Settings- Enable "Notify only Error(s) and Warning(s)" to notify only the error and warning state artifacts in the alert. Else the artifacts that are in a healthy state will also be listed in the alert.
  • Additional Email Configurations-To use the different recipients for “Up Alerts” and “AutoCorrect Alerts”, select the checkbox Use Different recipients for Up Alert and AutoCorrect Alert
  • Click the Save button to save the SMTP configuration settings

Once you click the Save button, the Is Configured field in the SMTP notification channel grid changes from No to Yes

The following table provides descriptions of the configuration fields and indicates whether they are required. The section that follows this table provides example configurations.

Email ToRequiredEmail address of the notification recipients for all type of Alerts.
CCOptionalEmail address of the notification recipients
Up AlertOptionalEmail address of the notification recipients for Up Alert
AutoCorrect AlertOptionalEmail address of the notification recipients for AutoCorrect Alerts
Note: The SMTP Notification channel will take the SMTP server connection details from the configured BizTalk360 SMTP settings.

Configure the SMTP Notification channel to the alarm, by enabling the channel as below.

How to Customize SMTP Notification Channel

In BizTalk360 Monitoring, the user gets notified through different types of alerts such as:

Down alert - will be triggered when a violation occurs for the mapped artifact and the expected state is different from the current state
Up Alert - will get triggered when all the configured artifacts are in a Healthy state, a violation is rectified, or after the autocorrect has happened
AutoCorrect Alert - will be triggered when the autocorrect is enabled and the system tries to rectify the violation to make BizTalk Environment healthy
Regular Alert - will be triggered based on the configuration of a Health alarm with the current status of the artifacts mapped to the alarm
Data Monitoring Alert - will be triggered when a violation occurs on the scheduled Data Monitoring alarm

By using the above notification type, we have added Up and AutoCorrect alert grouping to the SMTP Notification Channel. Once the user configured the different Email recipients for Up Alert and the AutoCorrect Alert as below, then the configured recipients will get notified, in case of an Up or AutoCorrect alert happening. 

For Instance, if the user wants a Down Alert to be sent to the Support team for further investigation and then an Up alert or AutoCorrect alert will be sent to the QA team for intimation. In such cases, you can configure the Support team recipients to the “Email To” and up and AutoCorrect Alert with QA team recipients. Next, map the channel to the alarm and once the violation occurs it will send the Down alert to the configured recipient in the “Email To” and the same for the Up and AutoCorrect alert.

Based on your business needs, you can enhance this SMTP Notification channel by using the project file which is available in GitHub. For example, you need to send the Data Monitoring Alert to the BizTalk Developer team, then you can add the Data Monitoring Alert field to the channel using the code available in Git Hub Project Files.
To customize the SMTP Notification channel, follow the blog link for more information.

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