Create Custom Notification Channel
  • Updated on 30 Apr 2018
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Create Custom Notification Channel

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One of the major capabilities of BizTalk360 is to monitor your BizTalk environment and notify you whenever there is an issue (e.g. a receive location is down, host instance has stopped, no messages received on a port, etc). BizTalk360 can be sent notifications through to static notification endpoints like SMS, Email, Windows Event log and HP Operation Manager. BizTalk360 can also send notifications to a variety of external systems like Slack, ServiceNow, WebHook, Microsoft Teams and you can also build your own custom notification channels to send notifications to any external systems. With custom notification channels, it’s very easy to send alerts to any external systems like your ticketing system, internal databases, calling a REST endpoint, executing a PowerShell script, etc.


Let’s create a simple notification channel called “File Channel”. Basically, whenever an alarm is triggered, this channel will be called, which in turn will simply write the structured notification message in the file system with a GUID.

You can download the sample template from GitHub

  • Open the downloaded project and right click on the Solution Name to Add New Project. Select Class Library project from the available Visual C# project type
  • Name your Channel as for eg. FileNotificationChannel
  • The System.Runtime.Serialization assembly needs to be added as a reference to this project from the available Assemblies Framework’s
  • The downloaded project will have Solution Items Folder, which will have three DLL’s, which needs to be referenced into this project. These are:
  1. B360.Notifier.Common.dll
  2. log4net.dll
  3. Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  • The downloaded project will have AlarmProperties.xml and GlobalProperties.xml files, these files must be added into this project and the files need to be an Embedded Resource files.
  1. Right-click on the File and click on the Properties
  2. Make sure the “Build Action” is set to “Embedded Resource
  3. Build the project, at this stage, the project should compile successfully

Now to add this custom notification channel in BizTalk360, follow the below steps:

  • Log into BizTalk360
  • Click the Settings icon at the top of the page
  • Click Monitoring and Notification from the left menu bar
  • Click Manage Notification Channels
  • Click New in the Manage Notification Channels page
  • In the Notification Channel blade, enter the information in the fields as required
  • Now unzip the sample code downloaded from GitHub
  • Open the solution file in Visual Studio and build the solution
  • Once the build is completed, the BIN folder will be automatically created
  • Choose the DLL accordingly from the specified folder C:\Users\BizTalk360\Downloads\FileChannel-master\FileChannel-master\FileNotificationChannel\bin\Debug
  • Upload the DLL file by clicking the Choose DLL button
  • Click Validate and Render UI to create the custom notification channel
  • Select the Notification channel and click Configure button
  • Enter the Channel Name and click Configure to complete the process
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