BizTalk360 Advisor
  • 16 Nov 2023
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BizTalk360 Advisor

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Article Summary

BizTalk360 Advisor allows the BizTalk360 monitoring service to gather telemetry data from BizTalk environments. By leveraging the collected data, users gain the capability to access feature usage reports. This enables us to assist customers in identifying any missed configurations or unused features, ensuring more efficient and optimized usage of the application.

On a regular basis, it gathers high-level data specific to the product to provide recommendations and ideas for utilizing unused features in the BizTalk360 environment. Examples of such data include visits to features, details on configured and non-configured features, and feature usage information. 

The collection process does not involve gathering any business-related information from the users' environment. 

The collected data will be compiled into a PDF report format and sent to the user to assist in fully maximizing the utilization of BizTalk360. 

If a proxy or firewall is being used, it is recommended to enable the domain ( to ensure smooth execution of BizTalk360 Advisor

Configure BizTalk360 Advisor

  1. Enable BizTalk360 Advisor -By enabling the "BizTalk360 Advisor", the BizTalk360 monitoring service activates a sub-service known as "Feature Usage." This sub-service is responsible for periodically retrieving product-specific data in the environment every 7 days. 
  2. Provide Organisation Name and Domain Name associated with your BizTalk360 account
  3. Verify collected feature usage details - When the "Verify collected feature usage details" option is enabled, users are granted the ability to review the collected data before sending it to us. However, if this option is disabled, the collected data will be automatically pushed to us without undergoing user verification. To facilitate the verification and submission process, it is essential to configure the (SMTP) settings. 

The report covers the entire usage of the BizTalk360 application with feature-wise in detail, the configuration which has not done, the most and least used features, etc with environment-wise. Below is the sample report .


The history section provides comprehensive details about the periodically pushed usage data. It includes information about the collection time, verification status (whether it is enabled or not), and the approver responsible for authorizing its transmission. Additionally, the collected data can be viewed in both report and JSON formats. Moreover, the history section allows users to track whether the collected data has been transmitted or not.




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