• 15 Nov 2021
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Building query expressions for Subscriptions

In addition, to retrieve service instances and messages, BizTalk360 allows users to execute queries and retrieve the information of the subscriptions from the MessageBox database. When the query is executed, BizTalk360 triggers a service call that will retrieve the subscription information such as Name, Service Name, State, Subscription Type, ServiceInstanceId, and so on. Follow the steps as shown below to query the MessageBox database and retrieve the information:

  1. Log in to the BizTalk360 application
  2. Select an environment from the Landing page
  3. Click the Administration tab in the navigation panel
  4. Click the expand button next to BizTalk Services tab and click the Message Box Queries link
  5. In the Message Box Queries screen, under Build Query Expression:
    • Select Query - Select Subscriptions from the drop-down to retrieve the status of subscriptions
    • Max Matches - Select the number of records to be fetched from the message box database. Ex. 10, 25, 50, 100....
    • Add a filter - To filter the results based on different parameters such as Subscription Type, Service Instance ID, Service Name. Once the filter criteria are selected, you will automatically see the values for the filter getting listed in the drop-down. Ex. Subscription type, Is Equal To, Activation Subscription. All the Subscriptions which are of the type “Activation Subscription“ will be fetched and listed in the grid view.
    • X - To delete the filter criteria
  6. Click Run Query. The Query Results section displays the list of subscriptions and their status

View Messages from Subscriptions

On top of viewing the subscriptions, BizTalk360 enables you to view the message details from Instance subscriptions. However, the users need to have permission to view this information. The Messages tab will be visible only if the 'Messages Content/Context' option is selected for the current user profile. The Message icon will be enabled only for instance subscriptions. To view the message information, follow the steps as shown below:

  1. In the Query Results section, click the Show Messages option to view the properties of the message for each subscription
  2. In a New query tab, the messages will be listed for the corresponding Service Instance Id and Host Name

View Service Instance properties from Subscriptions

In addition to messages, users can view the corresponding service instance properties from the subscription windows.

  1. In the Query Results sections, click the service properties option to view the properties of the services instances of each subscriptions

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