Frequently Asked Questions
  • 22 Apr 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Article summary

Are you considering installing BizTalk360 v10 or upgrading from an earlier version of the product to v10? In this article, we have collected a number of questions that you might have about the installation or upgrade to v10.

1) Does BizTalk360 support upgrading from an earlier version?

Yes, similar to other BizTalk360 versions, you can upgrade from the currently installed version

2)  What is the smooth upgrade path of version 10?

To upgrade from an earlier version to v10, you need to be aware of the below:

  1. To support the Angular framework you need to install URL rewrite 
  2. Custom Notification Channels: Default/in-built notification channels are smoothly upgraded to the latest version of the product. If you are using any custom notification channels, in the custom notification channel code you need to upgrade the Global & Alarm properties from XML to JSON. Next, reconfigure the channel in the BizTalk360 custom notification channel
  3. Custom Administration Widgets: Custom Operation Widgets that are created using Knockout Js need to be migrated to pure JavaScript. If you are using pure JavaScript, it is supported in the latest version too. Read this article to know more about the migration path

Note: Are you using Custom Administration Widgets to fetch data from a database using Secure SQL queries? You can now directly use the new Pin to Dashboard capability to publish the Secure SQL queries data in the table format!

 3) What are the features/enhancements in version 10?

The focus of BizTalk360 version 10 is improving the user experience and bringing a fresh look to the entire application. Besides that, also a set of new features and improvements have been brought to the product. To know more about the read the Release Notes.

 4) What are the features that are deprecated / Not Available in this version?

  • HP Operations Manager (HPOM) Integration - Deprecated
  • Live Feed - Deprecated

 5) Which browsers are supported by this version?

BizTalk360 v10 supports the modern Chromium browsers as recommended by Angular.

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