Host Instances
  • 15 Nov 2021
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Host Instances

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A host instance is the physical installation of a host in a BizTalk Server. It is the component where the message processing, receiving and transmitting occurs. A BizTalk Server can support multiple host instances.

Follow the steps as shown below to view the Host Instances information:

  • Log in to the BizTalk360 application
  • Click Administration tab in the Navigation panel
  • Click the expand button against Manage Infrastructure tab and select Host Instances
  • In the Host Instances page, you can start/stop/restart and enable/disable a host

A user can perform the required operation by selecting the check boxes against the Host name(s) and clicking on the Operation buttons (Start/Stop/Restart/Enable/Disable) at the top of the grid.

Filter Implementation for Grids

To do a better search from the grid columns a Filter capability is implemented for the grid columns. A user can filter the data from the respective rows according to their needs. The following types of filters have been implemented in the grid columns of the Host Instances:

  • Status Filter
  • Text Filter

Status Filter

The status filter is used to filter Status columns. The drop-down of the filter shows values according to the statuses that are displayed in the column. The user can select the status from the drop-down and filter accordingly.

Text Filter

This is the most commonly used filter. Using this filter, a user can perform a text-based search. The text filter has the following options:

  • Is equal to
  • Is not equal to
  • Starts with
  • Ends with
  • Contains
  • Does not Contains
  • Is Null
  • Is not null
  • Is Empty
  • Is not Empty

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