Manage IIS Server
  • 27 Oct 2023
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Manage IIS Server

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Article Summary

It is important to make sure the physical infrastructure of your IIS servers are healthy for proper functioning. To Manage IIS Server, you have to add the IIS Servers manually into the portal.

Adding IIS servers

To add IIS servers to the BizTalk360 portal, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to BizTalk360 and Select the Particular environment.
  2. Go to the Environment Settings page.
  3. Select General dropdown.
  4. Navigate to IIS Server and click Add IIS Server.
  5. In the IIS Server Names box, add the IIS Servers.
  6. Enable logging and add the log path which configured in IIS, if you need to view the IIS servers' logs in BizTalk360 along with websites and app pools.

    You can still add the IIS Servers which are temporarily unavailable, but you will see some discrepancies. However, it will work seamlessly once the server is reachable.
The number of IIS Servers you can manage is based on the licensing tier.
Silver & Gold tier - 4 IIS servers.
Platinum tier - 8 IIS servers.

Please contact to monitor more SQL servers.

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