Manage Reports
  • 30 Jan 2024
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Manage Reports

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Article Summary

This section provides detailed information about:

  • Creating a new report
  • Additional Report Operations (Enable, Disable, Delete Report)
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Creating a New Report

To create a report in BizTalk360, follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to the BizTalk360.
  2. Select Analytics from the environmental panel.
  3. Click on Reports, In Manage Reports click on New Reports button.
    • Report Name - Provide a friendly name for the report.
    • Description - Enter the friendly description for report.
    • Report Type - Choose the report as either Dashboard or Secure SQL query.
      • Dashboard - Choose the dashboard from the list of global dashboards. 
      • Secure SQL query - Choose any of the Secure SQL query which configured in Administration.
    • Disable report - You can enable the toggle, if the report wants to be in disabled state.
    • Reporting Schedule - Select any of the report schedule as daily / weekly/ Monthly.
    • Notification settings (Email and Notification channels) - Configure the email id and Notification channel where the report needs to be transmitted.
    • Click Save to save the report.

Sample Report
If no report is configured, then you will see the sample report with sample data. Once you configured a report yourself, then the sample report will be removed from your environment.

Secure SQL Queries

The BizTalk360 Reporting feature includes a widget called Secure SQL Queries, where you can map Secure SQL Queries to such custom widgets (the SQL queries are created under Operations -> Data Access -> Secure SQL Queries). The custom SQL widgets hold the top 100 records of the mapped query and send that as a report on the scheduled time. This feature can be powerful as it enables you to automatically receive reports based on SQL queries, without the need to requesting it manually over and over again!

Let us consider a scenario, where you want to see the Suspended messages count. As a first step, you need to create a query and manually execute it every time to see the Suspended messages. For this, you may need to switch to multiple tools. This is simplified with SQL Query reports; instead of manually executing a query, just create the query and map it to a schedule according to your needs and you will start receiving the query output as a report in your email box.

Creating a Secure SQL Query Widget

  1. In BizTalk360, navigate to Analytics and then Reporting
  2. Select Manage Reports and select the respective report for which you want to add widgets
  3. Click Add Widget to add a new widget to the reporting dashboard
  4. Select Secure SQL Queries
  5. Provide a Widget Title and select a Secure SQL Query,
    Widget Title - Enter a friendly name for the widget
    Select a Query - Select the query for which you want to get the results as a report Queries can be created/maintained under Operation -> Advanced Services -> Secure SQL Queries
  6. Click the Save button
    The Secure SQL Query Widget will now be added to the dashboard.

The saved Secure SQL query widget can be edited and reassociated to any configured Secure SQL query.

Save Reports in Local

User allowed to configure the archive location path in system settings under Analytics section. 

Enable the toggle button after configuring the archive location path in general settings so that the report will be saved in the specified path as PDF.

Here you can see that, the mapped Secure SQL queries result is saved in configured location as csv file.

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