Manage Users
  • 05 Jun 2024
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Manage Users

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BizTalk360 allows administrators to set up fine-grained authorization both at the applications level and system level. Administrators can set up access rights for users to different sections depending on the user requirements.

It is a valuable feature that ensures robust access management and security through fine-grained authorization. This provides flexible user management and allows administrators to have precise control over access, based on the specific needs of various users or user groups. This functionality proves beneficial for business units who wants to safeguard sensitive and critical data maintained within their environment.

Manage Users

User Access Policy allows users with administrator access to create, modify, and delete user access policies. BizTalk360 provides two levels of authorization at the Applications Level and the System Level. Administrators can set up the access rights for users to various modules or sections based on the business requirements.

In BizTalk360, there are three distinct user types:

  1. Super User: This user type has unrestricted access to perform all tasks and has access to all the modules within the BizTalk360 environment.
  2. Normal User: With this user type, administrators can configure fine-grained permissions, customizing their access according to their business requirements.
  3. NT Group User: Similar to Normal Users, NT Group Users also possess fine-grained permission, that is being customized by administrators based on their business needs.

The user can be either an individual Windows NT User or a Windows NT Group. To grant common access to all users within a Windows group, you can create a User Access Policy for the group within BizTalk360. Simply provide the group's name and activate the 'Is NT group' option.

To access the User Access Policies, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the application as a Super User.
  2. Choose an environment from the environmental panel.
  3. Navigate to Settings in the left menu bar.
  4. Select Team Management from the left menu bar.
  5. Click on the Manage Users option.
  6. Create a Normal User or edit an existing one.

Switch User Types

Users also have the ability to switch between user types. For example, a Normal User can be converted into a Super User, and vice versa, allowing for flexible adjustment of user privileges.

Adding User Permissions

BizTalk360 offers user access policies that enable application-level security, allowing for selective access within the BizTalk Environment. This grants flexibility to customize the permissions for individual users or teams, specifying which applications they can access. Leveraging this feature ensures a more secure configuration of the product.

To access BizTalk Applications, there are several methods available:

  • Granting Access by Application
  • Granting Access to Application Groups
  • Wild Card Search for Groups

In the User Permission - Applications screen, only one rule can be applied at a time. Once configured, this rule governs the user's access to BizTalk Applications as specified.

Grant Access by Application

Users with Administrators access can toggle this option to select either a single application, multiple applications, or all available applications to grant access. Users will then be able to access the applications provided access by the administrators.

By clicking the select all option, users will be granted permission to access the applications that are created within the BizTalk environment in future as well. An additional view option is available to list all applications permitted for users, facilitating easier management and oversight of access permissions.

Grant Access by Application Groups

Users with administrator access are able to grant one user access to a group of applications. The user's business environment determines how many applications there are. It could be quite difficult for the user selecting from all of the applications available. BizTalk360 provides an option to create application groups in order to get rid of this. 

By enabling the Grant Access by Application Groups toggle, users can grant access to a single or multiple application groups. The user will be able to access all of the applications within the selected application group.

The Wildcard search feature offers four options for users to select from. Once a user chooses the desired option and provides a search value, this rule is configured to grant access to all applications that match the wildcard criteria. Additionally, the user will automatically gain access to any newly added applications that meet the wildcard criteria.

The logged-in user will not be able to edit/delete their own profile.

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