Old Release Notes
  • 01 Apr 2021
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Old Release Notes

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VersionRelease DateRelease Notes
7.10 (7.9.9998.3106)30th June 2015View
7.9.8400.05055th May 2015View
7.9.8050.08048th April 2015View
7.9.7510.230323rd March 2015View
7.9.6520.190219th February 2015View
7.8.5080.111212th December 2014View
7.8.4870.221022nd October 2014View
7.5.1800.019th September 2014View
7.5.1410.011th July 2014View
7.5.1360.02nd July 2014View
7.2.688.016th April 2014View
7.1.555.024th January 2014View
7.1.554.024th January 2014View
7.1.552.023rd January 2014View
7.0.390.027th November 2013View
7.0.381.012th November 2013View September 2013View September 2013View July 2013View May 2013View March 2013View
5.0.35420th December 2012View
5.0.33028th November 2012View
5.0.29420th October 2012View
5.0.28410th October 2012View June 2012View June 2012View April 2012View March 2012View February 2012View February 2012View October 2011View August 2011View June 2011View June 2011View June 2011View June 2011View May 2011View May 2011View

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