• 15 May 2023
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Article Summary

Version 10.7

This section gives you an insight into the new features and enhancements that are currently in the development pipeline for the next release, v10.7.

Expected Release:18th July 2023

New Features

  • IIS Server Monitoring: Monitor and auto-correct the states of  IIS  Web sites and Application Pools
  • Monitor the Error Log conditions in Data Monitoring
  • Preserve the UI actions across the application, like maintaining the column resize, filter selection etc., 
  • Track BizTalk360 feature usage from customer environments; based on the data collected, suggest the configuration and feature usage



  • Resubmit ESB messages with endpoint security by providing the client credentials for message resubmission.
  • Implement multiple filter conditions in Administration -> ESB and Advanced Event Viewer as in Data Monitoring.
  • Display KB Article title as Tooltip in Message Box Queries, ESB. 


  • Generate notifications for new issues in Threshold monitoring.
  • In the UP alert notification, the list of artefacts is included which were down in the previous monitoring execution. 
  • When an alarm has a mapped configuration, alarms should be listed at the top in the monitoring mapping section.
  • Data Monitoring schedules support the end-of-month execution.
  • Restart the host instances when files are stuck in the receive location.
  • While adding the SQL Server in settings, verify the server connectivity with Telnet if Ping is disabled.
  • Once alarms are mapped to any feature for monitoring, mapped alarms should be on the top in the dropdown.
  • Introduce the filtering options in the monitoring mapping section.


  • A widget to represent the host instances which are in throttled conditions.


  • Import/Export of Automated Tasks and Scheduled Maintenance configuration.
  • Handle orphaned server mapping while importing the servers which are not available in the environment.
  • Implement the Group by option across the application (Search Artifacts, ESB, BAM etc.).



  • When the service account is not added as a super user, an exception is thrown in the application's auto-mapping feature.


  •  Non-super users are not able to add custom widgets in Analytics Dashboard even though they have enough permissions.


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