• 26 Jun 2024
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Article summary

Version 11.1

This section gives you an insight into the new features and enhancements that are currently in the development pipeline for the next release, v11.1

Expected Release:18th July 2024

New Features

  • Push the notifications to Azure DevOps Notification Channel 
  • Audit the Monitoring configurations 
  • Integration of Automated Tasks with alarms to trigger the automated tasks based on alarm events. 



  • View the handler mapping properties for the dynamic ports
  • Customize the Message Box Queries filters to apply the multiple times (Instance Staus, Service Name, Service Class and Application Names).
  • Handle the message box queries results like in BizTalk Admin Console when group by is applied. 
  • Administration -> Message Box Queries: Column width should be adjustable for fixed columns 
  • Show the warning of unsaved queries based on the user preferences
  •  Search box on Tracking Queries screen not wide enough
  • List the virtual directories under the  IIS sites


  • Implementation of Logic Apps(Consumption) metrics monitoring.
  •  ServiceNow to support OAuth Authentication .
  •  Bring the widgets like Host instance count, Suspended Service instances etc  to New Relic (APM Integration).



  • BizTalk360 Installer supports the repair option
  • Installer includes the references of Troubleshooting and first launch configuration articles  

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