• 16 Nov 2022
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Version 10.5

This section will give you an insight into the list of features and enhancements that are currently under the development pipeline for the next release v10.5.

Release planned: January 2023

New Features

  • Performance/Tracking Query interface to view the analytics data in the Administration section
  • BizTalk Performance monitoring (Message and Host Performance metrics)
  • Manage NT Services operations in Automated Tasks 
  • Automated Task - Retry, Autocorrect scenario, include PowerShell script in custom flow


  • In BizTalk Server Topology indicate SQL Server High Availability
  • Move the Azure Service Bus Queues monitoring under Azure Services monitoring. Monitor the Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics & Subscriptions for the Azure subscriptions configured in the environment
  • BHM multiple profile monitoring - Alert the active node's latest execution in BizTalk360 monitoring services high availability configuration
  • View existing BHM Reports - Now it is fetching the last 10 reports only (implement the search capabilities or Load more option)
  • Web Endpoint Monitoring - Generate Azure Token using custom Resources for Azure API Endpoints
  • In Governance & Audit - Capture the audit activities for BizTalk Port Transport level configurations
  • Filter Component to support multi-select options in Automated Tasks and Governance & Audit
  • Provide the option to edit the orphaned file location, queue monitoring
  • Configure the default threshold level for Warning and Error in Disk, System Resources Monitoring
  • Automated Tasks - Governance & Audit
  • Indicate supported features (Alarms, Reports, and Automated Tasks) to the custom notification channel
  • Implement the loading transition for larger datasets(Grid, List view, and Card view). 


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