• 07 Mar 2024
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Article Summary

Version 11.0

This section gives you an insight into the new features and enhancements that are currently in the development pipeline for the next release, v11.0

Expected Release:17th April 2024

New Features

1. Integration of Best Practice Analyzer :Integrate the Best Practice Analyzer in the BizTalk360 Administration. Enable users to schedule scans and review recommendations from scan reports seamlessly within the BizTalk360 Administration interface.

 2. Application Dashboard Enhancement: Enhance the Application Dashboard to provide a comprehensive overview of message processing, artifact details, and monitoring status. Additionally, generate detailed reports of all the details.

 3. Standard Logic Apps Monitoring: Implement monitoring capabilities for Standard Logic Apps, allowing users to track state and metrics efficiently. Notification alerts can be send to users in case of violations.
4. AS2 Certificate Monitoring: Introduce AS2 Certificate Monitoring functionality to ensure the validity of certificates associated with EDI AS2. This feature provides real-time monitoring of certificate status and alerts users when certificates are nearing expiration.
5. Opsgenie Notification Channel: Integrate Opsgenie notification channel within BizTalk360, enabling users to receive notifications for alarms and automated tasks.
6. BizTalk360 Advisor Score Card recommends to configure features and take appropriate actions on the recommended items to improve the score.



  • BAM Date Time: In BAM view results display the date time as per user profile time zone preference. 
  • When the Tracking configuration is modified , notification will be triggered to admin users
  • Audit SQL job activities in governance and audit section.


  • System Resource Monitoring: Introduced the poll strategy by Average and Number of occurrences of threshold to have accurate data points for monitoring. 
  • Notification Improvements: Enriched UI styles and consolidated view of monitoring status in email and notification channels.
  • Set Auto Correct notification as optional.
  • When monitoring service is not enable to determine the status, then notification will be send to admin user to take corrective action.
  • Instead of specifying authentication details individually for each queue in IBM MQ monitoring, system can utilize the BizTalk360 Service account for authentication purposes.


  • UI/UX Improvements
    • Environment page is refreshed with new styles
    • Improved styles in grid and filters 
  • To-Do List covers the latest features with the grouping and  provide the license based indication.
  • Database Maintenance : Improve on the configuration to maintain the database Index health status. Schedule configuration is enhanced to Daily, Weekly and Monthly option.
  • BizTalk360 application support to YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • Reporting: As the reporting is common feature for Administration, Monitoring and Analytics. It's moved as general feature in BizTalk360.


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