• 28 Jul 2023
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Article Summary

Version 10.8

This section gives you an insight into the new features and enhancements that are currently in the development pipeline for the next release, v10.8.

Expected Release:18th October 2023

Important updates

Angular 16 Upgrade
Upgrade the BizTalk360 application to Angular 16 and dependent client packages!

New Features

1. Log File Viewer: Within BizTalk360 Administration, you can access and view logs from both the IIS Server and BizTalk Server. 

2. Message Size Monitoring: In Process monitoring, users will be notified if the expected content size is not received in the ports, ensuring timely awareness of any deviations. 

3. Notification Escalation Policy: Implement an escalation policy to forward threshold violations to the next level of users, ensuring prompt attention to critical issues. 

4. Feature Usage: Based on usage patterns, we recommend customers to take full advantage of the available features.



  • In Host Instances Administration-> Group the paired clustered host instances


  • SQL Jobs Monitoring: Monitor the SQL Jobs of the specified SQL Server Instances.
  • Azure AD Authentication in Database Query Monitoring: Enable support for Azure AD Authentication in Database Query Monitoring.
  •  Email Template Styling Enhancement: Enhance the styles of the email template to improve its visual appearance.
  •  Top Bar Warning for Monitoring Services: Display a warning in the top bar of Monitoring Services, indicating the presence of different versions of monitoring services in BizTalk360 high availability.
  •  Dashboard Issue Redirection: Offer a link to redirect users from the dashboard to address specific issues more efficiently

Automated Task

  • In Automated Tasks, show the warning for the artefacts conflicts with Autocorrect configuration of the Application Artifacts, Host Instances, and NT Services 
  • Remove the service account added as a superuser to perform the Automated Tasks 
  • Introduce the interval between task execution in Automated Tasks custom workflow 


  • Improve the performance in getting service instances count on the home page
  • In Integrated Troubleshooter implement the support to the gMSA service account
  • Ability to provide a friendly name for the legends in the Administration and Analytics widgets
  • Improve the BizTalk360 license details UI


  • Support  Directory browsing configuration from MSI
  • Make the additional Superuser insertion step optional


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