ServiceBus Topics
  • 14 Feb 2023
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ServiceBus Topics

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Article Summary

BizTalk360 provides an option to monitor Azure ServiceBus Topics and their related Subscriptions under Azure Services. You only need to provide the Namespace connection string and the name of the Topic. This article showcases the end-to-end flow of monitoring Azure ServiceBus Topics and Subscriptions.

Configuring Topics for monitoring

Follow the below steps to configure Topics in BizTalk360 for monitoring:

  1. Navigate to Monitoring -> Manage Mapping -> Azure ServicesBus -> Topics
  2. Select the Alarm name from the drop-down for which you would like to associate the Topics for monitoring
  3. Click the ‘Monitor new ServiceBus Topic’ button to configure the topic for monitoring. This opens the Topics configuration blade.
  4. In the Topic configuration blade provide the below details:
    1. Topic Configuration details - Add Namespace Connection String and Topic Name
    2. Threshold rules - Configure the threshold rules for the topic metrics size and scheduled count . 

Click ‘Save’ to save the monitoring configuration. BizTalk360 will connect to the configured Topic and starts monitoring

  • The configured Topic will get listed along with the following Topic details and its subscription 
    • Name - Name of the Topic 
    • Current State - Current state of the Topic (Enabled/Disabled/Send Enabled )
    • Size - Available message size of the Topic
    • Is subscription monitoring enabled - States whether the subscriptions are configured for monitoring or not. Marked as Yes only if all the available subscriptions under the Topic are configured for monitoring
  • Users can monitor the state of the Topic by setting the expected state as either Active, Disabled, and Send Disabled. Users will get notified when the Expected state is not same as the current state 
  • Auto-Correct can be enabled, which ensures the current state is always the same as the expected state. If not, the system automatically tries to change the current state to match the expected one

Configuring Monitoring Rules for Subscriptions

Once the Topic is added, the Subscriptions available under that topic will be automatically listed. Follow the below steps to configure the monitoring threshold rules for the Subscriptions:

  1. Click on the topic which lists the available Subscriptions along with their state, total message, and active messages
  2. Click on the subscription, which opens the subscription configuration blade, where you can configure the monitoring rule for the subscription. The following subscription metrics can be monitored: 
    • Subscription state 
    • Message Count 
    • Active Message Count 
    • Schedule Message Count 
    • Dead Letter Message count 
    • Transfer Message Count 
    • Transfer Dead Letter Message Count

Subscription monitoring is optional. A Topic can have more than one subscription and it's not mandatory to monitor all the subscriptions under the topic; you can monitor the required subscription alone.

The monitoring status of  configured Topic and Subscription can be visualized in the Monitoring Dashboard as shown below. 


  • Deleting the monitoring configuration of a Topic also deletes the associated Subscription monitoring configuration
  • When the configured Topic is not reachable, it will be moved to an Orphaned state. Such Topics can be removed by using the Remove Orphaned option 
  • Email Template - This feature is introduced in v10.1 so when you upgrade from previous versions v9 or v10,  it's advised to restore the email template after the upgrade, to get a detailed Topics alert.

What is new in v10.5?

  • Service Bus Topics Monitoring is moved under Azure Service (Monitoring->Manage Mapping->Azure Service).
  • Service Bus Topics can be monitored by adding their subscription. Whereas in previous versions users need to add the topics using the namespace to monitor. 

After Migrating to v10.5, The Topics mapped for monitoring in previous versions will not be listed in the manage mapping sections, only in the dashboard you can see the topics that have been mapped for monitoring, but it does not have the current monitoring status. Follow the below steps to monitor the service Bus topics after the 10.5 upgrade,

  1. Navigate to the Feature migration page in settings, you can see the migration status for Service Bus Queue as the failed  
  2. Follow this article and add azure subscription to BizTalk360 
  3. Move to the Feature migration page and click the 'Retry Migration' option. Now the migration status of the service bus queue will become a success
  4. Now On successful migration, the service bus topics available under the added subscription will get listed under Manage Mapping ->azure Service. You can select the queues and configure threshold rules for monitoring

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