SQL Jobs
  • 25 Nov 2021
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SQL Jobs

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Article Summary

 BizTalk Server heavily relies on its SQL Server databases. The health of these databases is crucial for the health of BizTalk Server. Out of the box, BizTalk Server comes with a number of SQL Server jobs that perform all kinds of maintenance tasks, thereby contributing to the health of those databases. BizTalk360 allows you to monitor those SQL jobs. There are two threshold options:

  • Expected Job State - Monitor if the SQL job is runnable (Enabled) according to its schedule
  • Expected Last Run State - Monitor if the SQL job is finishing successfully

The best practices for monitoring BizTalk Server jobs is that all jobs should be Enabled and that the last run was Successful, but with a few notable exceptions:

  • MessageBox_Message_Cleanup_BizTalkMsgBoxDb job should be disabled
  • MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb job never ends with success

Setting up monitoring for SQL jobs

Follow the below steps to configure monitoring of SQL jobs:

  1. Log in to the BizTalk360 application
  2. Click 'Monitoring' in the environment panel
  3. Click the expand button against the 'Manage Mapping' tab and select the 'SQL Server Instances' link
  4. Select the SQL Server instance for which you want to set up the monitoring on SQL jobs
  5. Select the Alarm name (see Manage Alarms) from the drop-down for which you would like to associate the alerts
  6. Select the checkboxes against the SQL jobs that you wish to monitor
  7. Set the value of 'Expected Job State' by selecting the appropriate value from the drop-down box
  8. Set the value of 'Expected Last Run State' after selecting Expected Job State from the drop-down box

    For instance, if the current state of a SQL job is Enabled and the Expected Job State is Disabled, you need to set the value in the drop-down to Disabled. Similarly, if the Last Run State of the SQL Job was Successful, you can set up monitoring over the Expected Last Run State to either the Successful or Do Not Monitor state.

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