Upgrade BizTalk360
  • 20 Feb 2024
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Upgrade BizTalk360

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Article Summary

This section mainly describes upgrade scenarios and answers some questions which might arise when you would like to upgrade BizTalk360. The section consists of the following parts:

  • Can I Upgrade to a Higher Version, not being The Latest Version
  • Is There An Option To Downgrade BizTalk360 To A Lower Level
  • Upgrading BizTalk360

Can I Upgrade to a Higher Version, not being The Latest Version

Is it possible to install another higher release without going to the latest version?
For example - If we are running BizTalk360 version 8.5.XXX and the latest version is 8.9.XXX. Instead of upgrading to the latest version 8.9.XXX, can we upgrade to 8.8.XXX?

An upgrade can be done with any higher release and need not be with the latest version. However, we highly recommended to take advantage and install the latest version as it will include bug fixes, enhancements and performance improvements.

Is There An Option To Downgrade BizTalk360 To A Lower Level

Is it possible to downgrade the product?
For example - If we are running BizTalk360 version 8.9.XXX, can we downgrade to the previous version 8.8.XXX?

You CANNOT downgrade from the installed version to a lower version. We do not recommend to downgrade (though it is possible only by uninstalling the current BizTalk360 version and installing a lower version MSI) as it may cause huge data loss.

Upgrading BizTalk360

Make sure that you login to BizTalk360 server with the service account and proceed with the new installation or upgrade. This is to ensure that all permissions are in place and that you are able to login to BizTalk360 without any issues.

To upgrade to the latest version, you can prepare yourself as follows:

  1. Download the latest version of the BizTalk360 installer in either of below mentioned ways:
  2. Copy the MSI to the server which contains the BizTalk360 installation from where the upgrade will be performed
  3. Make sure you have the password of the BizTalk360 Service account at hand
  4. Make a full backup of the BizTalk360 database   

   Next, follow the steps below to perform the actual upgrade to the latest version:

   Best Practice: Please update all the servers running the BizTalk360 components (monitoring service, analytics service, and web UI) to the same version before activating       the license. This is applicable for both fresh installation and upgrade scenarios.

  • Set up a RDP connection to the server which contains the BizTalk360 installation
  • Deactivate your license in Manage Licenses page
  • Start a Command prompt in the Run As Administrator mode
  • Navigate to the location where the MSI file is saved
  • Run the MSI from the Command Prompt
  • The upgrade process is pretty much straightforward. Simply, you just need to click ‘Next’ on all the pages to upgrade to the latest version. All the prerequisite checks will be automatically made by the installer to see if everything is available as expected.
  • You need to enter the password for ‘Application Pool Credential’, the 'Monitoring Service Credential' and the ‘Analytics Service Credential’. The usernames will be auto populated based on the existing BizTalk360 setup. You will also notice the path where BizTalk360 will be upgraded to the latest version.

  • Once you have entered the password, click ‘Validate’ to verify whether the application pool and service account credentials are valid
  • Once validations are completed successfully, click ‘Upgrade’ to start the upgrade process. You can notice that BizTalk360 installer will automatically stop the monitoring service, remove the existing files, and replace them with the files required for the latest version
  • Once the installation is complete, click ‘Finish’ to close the installer. In the background, BizTalk360 application will be launched on the browser
  • In BizTalk360, you need to activate the license.
What's new in V10.9?

 In a High Availability setup of BizTalk360 installation, there is a possibility of missing the upgrade of BizTalk360 on one of the servers. To enhance awareness and facilitate a smoother setup, when a user upgrades BizTalk360 on one server, a notification will be displayed, indicating that the upgrade has not been performed on the other server(s).

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