• 04 May 2023
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Article summary

Release Date: 28th April 2023

Important updates

Inbuilt SMS Notification channel is deprecated
You can no longer receive SMS notifications because we deprecated that feature. As an alternative, you can use the Twilio Custom notification channel to receive SMS messages or voice calls.

New features

Internet Information Services (IIS) – Website and App pool operations

In Administration --> Manage Infrastructure, the IIS Servers are brought in with the capability to perform the operations of IIS websites (Start, Stop, Restart) and App pools (Start, Stop, Recycle, and Restart).

Export and Import – EDI Parties & Agreements

Export and import the EDI Parties & Agreements from the BizTalk360 EDI feature. Users can export and/or import the desired parties and their profiles/agreements with granular access policies.


BizTalk360 Activity Logs

Capture the activities of BizTalk360 Monitoring and Analytics services with different log levels (Info, Warning, Error, Fatal). The activity log is helpful for troubleshooting or providing insights into the affected scenarios.

SQL Queries in Data Monitoring

In Data Monitoring, a category called SQL Query is added to monitor the results of Secure SQL Queries. The users can configure the schedule with fine-grained filters to keep track of desired results.


Message Content

  • Search the keywords in the message content in the Message Box, Tracked Queries and ESB messages.


  • Brought back the BAM view column selection and order by options similar to BAM Portal

Alarm Improvements

  • Customize the email subject in the email template and show the status of the alarm in the subject.
  • An option to not receive UP alerts in the Notification Channels.

Monitoring Improvements

  • Enable the auto-mapping of application artefacts for monitoring (Expected state, auto-correct).
  • Capability to modify the URL of orphaned file locations and queue monitoring configuration.
  • View the email alerts which has been sent from alarms execution in the monitoring notification history.
  • Support to generate an access token using Azure synapse resources in Web endpoints.
  • Configure the default warning and error threshold limit for server disk and system resources monitoring in environment settings.
Monitoring Services CPU usage

BizTalk360 Monitoring services process the alarms in parallel execution.  

When you have a handful of alarms to process against the minimum number of CPU cores in the BizTalk360 monitoring server, it leads to CPU and Memory spikes.

You can adjust a lower number of worker threads per CPU core in Settings --> System Settings --> Monitoring and Notification.

BizTalk Health Monitor

  • Attach the latest BHM Report in the email notification and SMTP channel.
  • From Administration, the user can run only the selected BHM profile in the environment.

Host Instances (Exactly one active)

  • This feature enables monitoring the Active-Passive cluster host instances with Exactly one active state. 
  •  It will auto-correct only one host instance that is active for the cluster host instances. 

SFTP Monitoring

  • Support the relative path in the SFTP location URI configuration

Data Monitoring Improvements

  • ESB Data Monitoring feature is improved with multiple filter conditions and now includes missing operators.
  • In the BAM schedule, the Is Empty filter option is incorporated. 
  • Attach the ESB message content in email notifications.
  • Knowledge Base article links are now included in notifications.
  • An option to group the Data Monitoring messages by Code, Type and Description.

Throttling Analyser

  • Indicate the users when handlers are not present in the hosts.
  • Improve on Throttling data collection for Database Size Throttling counters.
  • Collecting the UserOverride throttle data for message publish and delivery throttling.

Automated Tasks

  • A notification is sent only when the Automated task execution is failed with the option in Task configuration.
  • In custom workflow task configuration, provided an option to disable the alarms in which artefacts are configured for auto-correct to avoid the conflicts between alarm and automated tasks.

HTTPS support in BizTalk360 Installer

  • Supports the installation of HTTP(s) protocol for both fresh installation and upgrade scenarios.
  • Provide an option to install the default super user (Domain user/NT group) during the first-time installation of the database.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed a console error while opening saved queries in the Advanced Event Viewer.
  • Send Port data shows an incorrect Transport column in the Excel export.
  • Filter expressions are getting duplicated in the Send port properties.
  • The message subscriptions are not matching the requested number of records for the normal users.


  • BizTalk/SQL Server Disk monitoring not showing a warning or error when a threshold violation occurs.
  • The Data Monitoring weekly schedule is not calculating the correct Next scheduled time.
  • The MessageBox schedule with messages schedule throws an exception in the email although the threshold condition is not violated.
  • The application artifacts which are in an unmapped/Do Not Monitor state are triggering an email alert when they become orphaned.
  • While Importing the alarm configuration, the BizTalk Server drop-down updates the selected server in all the rows in the BizTalk Server list.


  •  Message Volume by Schema and Tracking database Disk Usage performance for the last 24 hours is not populating any analytical data.


  • The perpetual license shows the wrong license Expiry Date.

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