• 19 Jul 2023
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Release Date: 19th July 2023

New features

IIS Websites and App pools monitoring

In BizTalk360 monitoring, users can effectively monitor the status of IIS Websites and App pools, with the added functionality of auto-correct actions. The monitoring service also performs audits to keep a record of the corrective actions taken for IIS Websites and App pools.

BizTalk360 Log Monitoring

In the BizTalk360 Web interface, users can monitor the accumulated BizTalk360 logs and receive notifications whenever and unexpected behavior occurs within the BizTalk360 Application.

Preserve the UI Preferences

The application preserves user control preferences, including Grid Column Resize, Filter selections, window size, and Toggle states. This ensures that the UI control states remain intact from the last visit.

Feature Usage Report

Enabling feature usage data collection allows the BizTalk360 monitoring service to gather telemetry data from BizTalk environments. By leveraging the collected data, users gain the capability to access feature usage reports. This enables us to assist customers in identifying any missed configurations or unused features, ensuring more efficient and optimized usage of the application.



  • In ESB , users can resubmit messages using the client credentials configuration of the Receive Location
  • In ESB and Advanced Event Viewer, users are provided the flexibility to create nested filter conditions
  • In Message Box Queries, Advanced Event Viewer, and ESB query results, the Knowledge Base icon now displays the KB Article title as a tooltip when hovering over it.


  • The threshold alarm configuration now includes a new alarm reset option "When the new issue occurs ". By enabling this, the monitoring service will generate notifications specifically for newly identified issues.
  • The Up Alerts will include a list of artifacts that were down in the previous monitoring execution.
  • When an alarm is configured with a mapped configuration, it will be listed at the top in the monitoring mapping section.
  • The monthly Data Monitoring schedule configuration now includes an additional option called "End-of-Month." By selecting this option, the schedule will be executed at the end of the month, considering the complete month's data for monitoring purposes.
  • Users have the capability to monitor File locations using the "Age" Condition. Eg: Configure the condition to trigger an alert if the file count was greater than 10 for the past hour.
  • In the File Location monitoring, if a threshold violation occurs due to files being stuck in the receive location, an automated restart of the host instances will be initiated.
  • While adding the SQL Server in settings, server connectivity will be checked with Telnet if Ping is disabled.

Analytics Widgets

  • The Analytics dashboard now includes the Host Throttling widget, which displays a list of hosts that are experiencing throttling based on the configured throttling metrics in the environment.


  • Users can perform Import/Export of Automated Tasks and Scheduled Maintenance Configurations.
  • During the import process, the application now handles orphaned server mapping by addressing servers that are not available in the environment.
  • The Group by option has been implemented across the application, including areas such as Search Artifacts, ESB, BAM, and more. This enables users to conveniently group and organize data.

Bug fixes


  • When selecting orchestration names in the "Group By Service Name" option within Message Box Queries, the results are not generated as expected
  • URI in SendPort properties is updated as Send Pipeline
  • The Next run time for Automated tasks displays as "Invalid date."


  • Disabling or deleting alarms in the manage alarms screen may require switching views in certain cases.
  • Cannot remove Orphaned orchestration from BizTlk360 UI 
  • When the service account is not added as a super user, an exception was thrown in the application's auto-mapping feature.
  • In Data Monitoring message box queries, the automated action to suspend service instances does not effectively terminate active instances.
  • Event Log Data monitoring throws an exception when the knowledge base is not created for the event sources
  • After the completion of the maintenance cycle in BizTalk360, the CreateMailActivity encounters an exception and throws an error.
  • When the database fragmentation reaches a larger fragmentation index, the monitoring sub-services will transition into a paused state due to a timeout.


  •  Non-super users are not able to add custom widgets in Analytics Dashboard even though they have enough permissions.
  • The analytics widget fails to retrieve data when the decimal system setting is configured as a comma, space, or single quote.


  • When attempting to add Azure subscriptions, the validation message does not appear when the necessary permissions are not granted to the Service Principal.


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