• 27 Jun 2024
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Release Date: 17 th January 2024

New Features           

RabbitMQ Monitoring

Monitoring RabbitMQ within BizTalk360 enables early issue detection. Monitor the queue state and queue metrics such as Memory, Total number of messages, Number of messages ready for delivery ,etc and get notified in the event of any violation.

Azure Service Widgets

View the metrics details of Azure services like Logic Apps, Azure Service Bus Queues, and Topics in the Analytics Dashboard and get the scheduled reports.

System Notifications

BizTalk360 Admin users will receive notifications about the index fragmentation action taken against the tables during the database maintenance. 



  • The BizTalk Health Monitor profile Analyze level (High /Custom) indication is shown.


  • Users can now monitor the SQL Jobs of all the configured SQL Server Instances along with the BizTalk SQL Instances

  • Alarm Mapping configuration details can be exported from the monitoring dashboard in Excel format.

  • Orphaned Artifact details are consolidated in a single location within the environment and also the overall count of orphaned artifacts is shown in the landing page. This streamlines action-taking and ensures a seamless monitoring experience.

  • An Option is introduced to set AutoCorrect attempts in a centralized location. The value updated here will reflect for all the artifacts.

  • The system now includes an option to set error and warning threshold limits for service instance monitoring in a single place.

  • Improvements to the Archive location ensure that files are saved with proper segregation and naming conventions.

  • Users can now set email priority based on monitoring status and notification type.

  • Performance have been improved in fetching the Configured SQL Servers in the monitoring mapping section.


  • Analytics dashboard widgets date time selection now supports the intervals of days, weeks, months and years.

  • The generated analytics report can be saved locally for further references.


  • The application now consistently displays time format based on the user profile or system date-time settings.

  • Excel export now allows user to download all the data, even when pagination is applied to the grid


  • Prerequisites are managed according to the selected feature (Web/Database/Services).

  • In a BizTalk360 High Availability (HA) setup, an indication will be displayed if there is a discrepancy in the installed service versions.

Bug fixes


  • Displays faults in ESB even the messages are not associated with the faults.

  • In message box queries when Group by filter is applied, service instances are displayed without considering the filters option.

  • In Adapter properties, the nested properties of Send Ports and Receive Locations are now shown.


  • Addressed gaps in SQL Server monitoring to accurately show the active node in Windows Failover with SQL Server Always-On scenarios.


  • Unauthorized API access is handled for Non super users during page refresh.


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