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Release Date: 22 October, 2014

Table of Contents

  • Brand New Features
  • Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Known Limitations

Update 22nd Oct 2014 : We did a minor upgrade from version 7.8.4840.2110 to 7.8.4870.2210, to address a problem with existing receive location monitoring config and sql jobs monitoring config for orphaned artifacts. If you are on any version prior to 4870 (for 7.8), please upgrade.

Brand New Features

Feature About the feature Modules and Section in BizTalk360
Advanced Process Monitoring capabilities BizTalk360 now has the advanced process monitoring facility through which users can keep an eye on the transaction volume of the system and get instant notifications if the actual volume is not met during a particular duration of time. Eg: Expected 2000 messages every 15 minutes via SAP receive location. The users need to create an alarm (as in the case of existing Monitoring and Notifications feature) with the process monitoring section enabled and then set the required conditions for monitoring. If the condition is not met, the system will trigger the alerts to the specified notification channel. 
There is also a brand new Process Monitoring Dashboard which provides the historical process monitoring information in a calendar view.
Monitoring & Notification > Process Monitoring Monitoring & Notification > Process Monitoring Dashboard
EDI Status Reports The users can now view all the EDI status information that includes Interchange/ACK Status, Batch Status, AS2/MDN Status, Transaction set details, Interchange Aggregate reports, and transaction set aggregate reports. You also have ability to set up user access policy for the EDI reports. Menu Bar > EDI Status Reports
System Profile BizTalk server is a huge product, not every customer use every feature in the product. Example BRE, BAM, EDI etc are used on case by case basis. In the previous version of BizTalk360 the UI will display lot of information related to unused features making it bit more cluttered. 
To solve this challenge, we have added the concept of System Profile to allow users to be able to see only the required sections of their interest in BizTalk360. Example: If you are not using BAM or BRE in your organisation, you simply set your profile to disable that feature, then BizTalk360 UI will not show anything related to BAM and BRE.
Settings > Environments/Licenses
User Profile We are bringing the concept of user profile, which will allow users to set their preferred time zone and date/time format. Once set, BizTalk360 UI will work according to the user setting. This will be very useful when you have a distributed team spread across multiple time zones. User Profile


Enhancement Comments/Fix Provided Section in BizTalk360
Date & Time consistency We have made the date & time format consistent across the features/pages/controls in BizTalk360 application. In addition, the user can also select his preferred timezone and the date & time will automatically get adjusted according to the selection. Across the application
Removing orphaned artifacts from Monitoring The long standing issue w.r.t. removing orphaned artifacts has been fixed in this release. From this version, when the user removes any application/artifacts via the BizTalk Administration Console during deployment, the BizTalk360 UI will allow the users to delete the Orphaned applications/artifacts. They can simply select the artifacts and click “Remove Orphaned” button to remove the orphaned applications/artifacts. Monitoring and Dashboard
System Settings Under Settings screen, we have added a new section “System Settings” to allow users to define global properties for the application such as Max Matches count for building query expressions, row count for Custom SQL queries, System date time and time zone format specific to certain areas of the application such as Monitoring Status Alert, Threshold time window, Process monitoring, Message Box Viewer schedule. Settings > System Settings
UI/UX Improvements The user interface and user experience is improved subtly in many places in this release. Ex: The top left area is cleaned up for better access to knowledge base, settings, user profile section. Alarm listing page is improved to show clear alarm characteristics, etc. Across the UI
Grid resize Improved user experience while resizing the grid size across the application. When the grid columns are extended, you will notice a scroll bar at the bottom of the page. The contents of the grid are automatically aligned depending on how much the grid is re-sized. Across the application
Ability to view Graphical Flow Tracking from Tracked Message Events In the previous version of BizTalk360, it was only possible for users to click the Service Name in the query results of tracked service instances to view the graphical message flow. In this release, we have also added the functionality to be able to view the graphical message flow by clicking the Service Name in the query results of tracked message events. Graphical Flow (Tracking)
Breadcrumb display for page headers in popup The page headers in the popup window will contain the current page name and the names of the next page. The current page name will be highlighted in Black color while the next page name will be highlighted in a light grey color. Environment/Licenses Add New Users
Modify Existing User
Data purging enhancements Two new entries have been added in the Data Purging page – Monitoring Log State and Monitoring Log Threshold. In addition, the system services have been separated from the other services in the purge policy screen. The purging policy: system services (read only) section will contain the purge information for throttling, monitoring dashboard, monitoring log state, and monitoring log threshold. Settings > BizTalk360 Health > Data Purging

Bug Fixes

Reported Issue Comments/Fix Provided Section in BizTalk360
Ability to copy error messages In the previous versions, users were not able to copy the error messages and exceptions that were displayed in the page. This issue is now fixed and users can copy the error messages that are displayed in the page. Across the application
Username and Password not to be displayed when Anonymous is selected In the Settings > Configuring SMTP Settings page, when Anonymous is selected under Security Settings, the username and password fields still remained allowing the users to enter their credentials. This issue is now fixed and when Anonymous is selected, the username and password fields will no longer be visible. Settings > Monitoring and Notification > SMTP Settings
X Axis metrics to be displayed in a single line in Throttling Analyser graph In the Throttling Analyser, the X-axis metrics displayed the date and time in a single row for few data points and in two separate rows for few data points. This issue is fixed and the date and time is displayed in a single row for every data point. Throttling Analyser
Value content is not completely displayed when the value column is shrunk in size In MBV Reports section under the Critical Errors/Non-critical errors/Summary Report tabs, when the value column is shrunk in size, the entire message in the column was not displayed and the content was truncated. The user was unable to read the entire content. This issue is fixed and the message is no longer truncated when the column size is shrunk. Message Box Viewer (Report)
SQL Server Instances and SQL Server information not getting displayed in Monitoring Dashboard In the Monitoring dashboard, the full view tree did not display the SQL server instances (and SQL Jobs information) and the collapsed view tree did not display the SQL server information. Similarly, the SQL server nodes did not appear in the collapsed view when the user configured the artifact for monitoring. 
This issue is fixed and the dashboard displays the SQL server instances (with the SQL jobs information) and SQL Server information (SQL server nodes) in the full view and collapsed view respectively.
Monitoring and Notifications > Monitoring Dashboard
Disabled instances not reporting correctly Even though the host instances were in the disabled state (from the administration console), BizTalk360 did not report the status of the disabled host instances correctly. This issue is now fixed and BizTalk360 reports the status of the disabled host instances as expected (with a grayed out tick mark in BizTalk Server Environment under Monitoring and Notifications and a red warning icon under Host Instances in Platform Settings). Monitoring & Notification > BizTalk Environment > Host Instances Platform Settings > Host Instances
BAM Portal Exception An exception occurred while executing the query with some filter options in the BAM View page. The cause of the exception was because of a problem with the server side date time conversion. This issue is fixed and the exception no longer appears while executing a query with filter options in the BAM View Page. Business Activity Monitoring > BAM View
Vertical scroll bar not displayed in BAM Portal When a query is executed with some filter options and Max Matches count of, say 50 or 100, the query results section did not contain a vertical scroll bar for the user to scroll up/down the results section. This issue is now fixed and the vertical scroll bar appears when user searches for more number of records in the BAM view page. Business Activity Monitoring > BAM View
Alarm list is not sorted In the Monitoring Dashboard page, the list of alarms in the drop down at the top right corner of the page were not sorted in alphabetical order. As a result, when there are a lot of alarms (say more than 200 alarms), when the list of alarms are not sorted, it becomes difficult for users to search for their configured alarm name. This issue is fixed and the list of alarms are sorted in alphabetical order for easy access. Monitoring & Notifications
Query result columns are reverse ordered in IE when compared to other browsers When the Custom SQL queries are executed, the query result columns appeared in the reverse order in Internet Explorer browser when compared to other browser options such as Chrome, FF. This issue is now fixed and the query result columns appear the same way on all the browser options. Custom SQL Queries

Known Limitations

Issue Issue Description Module and Section in BizTalk360
Grid Re-size When the grid columns are extended, the horizontal scroll bar to view the different column values appears at the bottom of the page. For e.g., if there are 50 records in the grid, the horizontal scroll bar will be visible only after the 50th record. Settings > User Access Policy
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