• 17 Nov 2023
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Article Summary

Version 10.9

This section gives you an insight into the new features and enhancements that are currently in the development pipeline for the next release, v10.9.

Expected Release:17th January 2024

New Features

  1. Rabbit MQ Monitoring - Monitor the state and metrics of RabbitMQ queues through BizTalk360 threshold monitoring.
  2. Azure Service Widgets - Widgets displaying metrics for Azure services, such as Logic Apps, Azure Service Bus Queues, and Topics, will be integrated into BizTalk360 Reporting.
  3.  System Alert-Notify the BizTalk360 Admin users about the action taken for  index fragmentation during the Database Maintenance. 



  • Resume the sequence of suspended service instances in the order
  • In BizTalk Health Monitor, indicate the profile Analyze level (High /Custom)


  • Monitor the SQL Jobs for the configured SQL Server Instances
  •  Export the Alarm Mapping configuration in the Excel format.
  • Enhance the capability to identify and list the orphaned artefacts in the environment, indicating their status on the landing page.
  • Option to set AutoCorrect attempts in a single place.
  • Option to set error and warning threshold limit for service instance monitoring.
  • Archive location Improvement - Segregate based on the schedule name in the environment
  • Set the email priority based on monitoring status and type of notifications 
  • Indicate if the notification channels in the database are not synced to the latest version. 
  • Orphaned status mismatch in the dashboard and errors and warning page. Group dashboard items should not be listed in the errors and warning section 
  • Improve the Look & feel of the Email Template


  • Datetime selection can be made at dashboard level with the interval of 30,60 ,90 days and 1 year
  • Generated report sent to user can also be saved in local 


  • Time Format consistency across the application 
  • Export to Excel to download all the data though pagination is applied 
  • Customize the Active Directory search permission exception message user understandable while adding the users in Team Management 
  • Details about features accessibility for the License Tier  
  • Display the Domain Name as a column in the Team Management --> Manage Users
  • Requesting Exactly one active non-clustered server in an automated task


  • Change the flow of the prerequisite check based on the selected components for the installation. 

            Note:  Currently, it's mandatory to install the IIS components when Windows service(Monitoring and Analytics) alone has been chosen for the installation.

  • Indicate the latest version of Monitoring and Analytics Services to be installed in all the node(s) in High availability


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