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Release Date: 9th June 2021 


In the last 15 months, the product team has worked hard on this release. The main focus of BizTalk360 version 10 is improving the user experience and bring a fresh look to the entire application. Besides that, also a set of new features and improvements have been brought to the product.

Important updates

Browser support

BizTalk360 v10 supports the modern chromium browsers as recommended by Angular

Messaging patterns

From this version on, messaging patterns will be determined using the BizTalk Management database(BizTalkMgmtDb). In previous versions, the messaging patterns were determined from either the Tracking database or the Management database. However, because determining the messaging patterns using the Tracking database the performance can be impacted. Hence, we moved to determine the message patterns via the Management database.

Manage dependencies

Analytics Reporting: To support the new client framework(Angular), the dependencies file is upgraded to the latest version of Select PDF. To know more about upgrading the dependencies file read this article.

Upgrade support

Similar to the previous versions of the BizTalk360, the upgrade process is the same.

New prerequisite (URL Rewrite)
To support the new client framework(Angular), the URL Rewrite prerequisite has to be installed before performing the upgrade.

Two features are impacted in this version to support the Angular framework.

Feature compatibility

Custom notification channels
Global and alarm properties of notification channels are changed to JSON Format. This will help to render the custom notification configuration controls in the angular framework. Users have to convert the global and alarm properties from XML to JSON format in the notification channels that are customized by the user. For the default channels (like Servicenow, Teams, Slack, etc.), migration is handled automatically in the installer.
Custom operations widgets
Because the client framework is migrated to the Angular framework, Custom operations widgets need to be migrated to Angular supported script. To know more about custom widgets migration read this article.

Deprecated / Not Available features

  • HPOM Integration - Deprecated
  • Live Feed - Deprecated
  • Integration Account - Planned for the future release
  • Integrated Troubleshooter - Planned for the future release

New features

UI/UX Refresh

  • Query builder: The Query builder to access saved queries has been enriched with an interactive user interface (UI).
  • Dashboard & widgets: Widgets configuration and graphical representation of the widgets in Operations and Analytics dashboard's user experience has been improved.
  • Monitoring dashboard: The monitoring dashboard's full & collapsed graph view is consolidated into a single view. Users can set their preferred options to visualize the monitoring dashboard with a dark/light theme, fit to read/view, and enhanced filtering capabilities
  • New filtering capabilities: Enhanced filtering component is helpful to view the drill-down data in manage alarms, monitoring dashboard, data monitoring dashboard, and governance audit
  • Card view layout: The card view layout can represent the data in a structured way. Users can switch between Card and Grid view based on their preference in manage alarms, license features
  • Message pattern: Message pattern layout is enriched with a modern look & feel with sharp & initiative UI to represent the flow of messages. Editing the name of the pattern has been made easier. To know more...
  • BizTalk group topology:The user experience is improved in the BizTalk group topology diagram to visualize the processing, tracking communication between the BizTalk Server and SQL Server nodes.

SQL Server availability monitoring

Server availability monitoring provides the ability to monitor failover clusters and standalone SQL Servers using the protocols Ping or Telnet. BizTalk Server highly depends on its SQL Server databases for storing messages, picking them up for processing, maintaining the state and configuration of all kinds of artifacts, etc. It is crucial that BizTalk Server can access its databases via SQL Server, hence we brought this feature to monitor SQL Server availability. To know more...

Enriched Knowledge Base

We enriched the Knowledge Base feature by allowing users to create articles within the features like Message Box queries(suspended service instances), the Advanced Event Viewer, and the ESB portal. The Knowledge Base article creation flow and editing of the article are enhanced to manage the content in a better way. To know more...

Renewed data monitoring dashboard 

The data monitoring dashboard is completely redesigned to grid view from calendar view. This will help the users get the consolidated view to visualize the scheduled results.  Besides, enriched filtering capabilities and export options have made the user can generate the drill-down report.  To know more...

Business Rules composer

Business Rules are composed using XSLT from this version. User Experience of managing the rules and policies has been aligned as like BizTalk Rule Composer with context menus. To know more...

Landing page

A collaborative landing page is to present the quick status of BizTalk environments in a card layout. In the addition to that users can able to view the statistical information of the BizTalk Group, view the BizTalk Group Topology, and manage the license activation. To know more...


Pin the results to the dashboard

Pin the results of suspended service instances, secure SQL queries as a table view into the operations/analytics preferred dashboard.

BizTalk Health Monitor

Enhanced BHM Schedule configurations are

  • Option to remove the schedule configuration is implemented.
  • In each BizTalk environment, users can be able to configure different BHM schedules.
  • In BizTalk360 high availability configuration has shown the server name in which BHM schedules are executed.

ESB exceptions 

In ESB Exception data the functional improvements are 

  • A new filter to get already submitted fault exceptions is implemented. 
  • Resubmitted fault exceptions are indicated with an icon in the grid.

Manage SQL Server configuration

From this version, the managing the SQL Server in a centralized place for operations, monitoring, and analytics. Removed the SQL server configuration from performance data collection.

Azure subscriptions configuration

Azure subscriptions configuration is no longer requires the publish settings file.

Schedule maintenance configuration

Schedule maintenance configuration's UI/UX is improved  in the Business Holiday calendar list and configuration can be managed within schedule maintenance

Export to Excel & PDF

Users can able to download the data in excel and PDF formats. With the enhanced export all options users can able to download in a single file.

Secure SQL queries

Grant access to all secure SQL queries permission has been implemented, by which normal users/NT users can able to access all the existing or queries that are created in the future.

Bug fixes


  • Multiple actions(Resume/Terminate) on the same suspended service instances are allowed in the MessageBox queries. It has been fixed by allowing one action at a time
  • Fixed the issue of NT users are not able to create secure SQL queries


  • File location monitoring: Support of different file mask patterns(PPI*, Order*.xml) in File and FTP locations is implemented in this version
  • Web endpoints don’t appear on the BizTalk Group dashboard. This issue has been resolved in this version
  • Data monitoring schedules get stuck if there is a data monitoring alarm with an end date. This issue has been fixed
  • Addressed an issue in MessageBox data monitoring, with an orchestration service name as a filter, action is not taken on suspended service instances


  • Knowledge base articles are allowed to be created without error code. It helps to associate KB articles with dehydrated service instances


The key focus of these hot fix releases are to address the enhancement and issue fixes that have been identified as part of the v10 release; the details of those are as follows.


Enhancements / Bug fixes

  • Column resize option for pinned SQL queries widgets in the dashboard
  • In the API documentation, routing to the WCF service failed. This issue has been addressed
  • BAM views using alias and order by implementation has been resolved
  • Values for dates/times in filters are fixed to reflect as per the user profile timezone
  • Enabled the option to send ESB fault details in the ESB Data monitoring alerts
  • Analytics widget date/time issue has been fixed to reflect today’s data
  • Audit history in the schedule maintenance is getting removed. This issue has been resolved in this version


Enhancements / Bug fixes

  • SQL server disk usage monitoring section shows wrong 100% usage 
  • Date time filter in BAM had an issue in filtering values which has been addressed
  • Saved queries section in tracking queries had an issue in persisting filter values has been resolved
  • Export to excel download issue is resolved in Message box queries to download the files without error

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