• 13 Jul 2022
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Version 10.4

This section will give you an insight into the list of features and enhancements that are currently under development pipeline for the next release V10.4.

Release planned: October 2022

New Features

  • Manage EDI Parties and Agreements from BizTalk360
  • Administrate Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics (manage the states, send & resubmit the Messages)
  • Manage the schedule Service Window configuration for ports (Receive Locations and Send ports)
  • Automated Tasks will include the capabilities of Logic Apps operations (state management and message submission), IIS App pool operations, and PowerShell execution


  • Predefined Queries for easy access to the data (Event viewer, Message Box and Tracking). Below are some sample Event Log queries: 
    • All critical/error BizTalk entries
    • All critical/error SQL Server entries
    • All critical/error BizTalk360 entries
    • All server reboots
    • Expiring certificates
  • Detail view for custom SQL queries
  • Monitoring alert improvements - Display detailed error when the status is mentioned as Monitor Error (server XXXX was down)
  •  Data Monitoring - Configure Business hours for the environment
            a) Schedule configuration next run time should work based on business hours.
            b) In calendar view, bring the Business Hours filter option
  • Notification Channels:
            a) Send Events to Servicenow Events Module
            b) Twilio - Voice Message
  • Map Notification Channels to the features (Alarms, Automated Task and Reports)
  • Automated Tasks: Governance & Audit 
  • Analytics Widgets: Number of messages per Application
  • Message Patterns will extend to determine the flows that have multiple Receive Ports without being triggered by orchestrations


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