Database Size
  • 07 May 2024
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Database Size

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For a healthy BizTalk environment, it is important to keep an eye on database growth. Some of the BizTalk databases can grow extremely big; it’s not uncommon to have over 1 million records in certain tables (ex: MessageInOutEvents table in Tracking Database). Potentially, there can be a high-performance impact when the database grows and queries become slower with more data in the database which, in turn, affects your BizTalk operations.

With the Database size monitoring feature, you can monitor the database and log file size of BizTalk and BizTalk360 databases, by simply configuring the error and warning threshold values for the database and log file sizes. For example, if the size of the BizTalkDTADb is greater than a threshold value configured, then you will get notified.

BizTalk360 will automatically list all the below BizTalk and BizTalk360 databases for the specific environment. These databases are:

  • BizTalkDTADb
  • BizTalkMgmtDb
  • BizTalkMsgBoxDb
  • BizTalkRuleEngineDb
  • BAM Databases
  • BizTalk360

Setting up Database Size Monitoring

You can follow the below steps to configure database size monitoring:

  1. Log in to BizTalk360 application.
  2. Click the 'Monitoring tab' in the navigation bar.
  3. Click the 'Expand' button in the Manage Mapping section.
  4. Select the Alarm name (Manage Alarms) from the drop down, which you would like to associate the for monitoring.
  5. Click 'BizTalk Environments -> Database Size'. Here all the BizTalk and BizTalk360 databases that are available in the environment are listed, along with the total reserved data file and log file size of the databases.

To monitor the size of a particular database, click on the particular row in the grid, which opens the configuration blade where you can define the threshold rules for monitoring.

Once the threshold rules are configured and saved, the status of the database size will be displayed in the grid. If any threshold violation happens, you will be notified through the configured notification channel(s).

Let us consider a scenario where your BizTalkMsgBoxDB and BizTalkDTADB log files have grown out of the control and filled up the entire disk, which may cause few outages. To avoid such a case, you can configure data and log file size utilization of your BizTalkDTA and BizTalkMsgBoxDB where you will get an alert before everything becomes critical.

Below are the database parameters you can monitor:

Data File SizeTotal reserved data file size of the database
Data File Used SpaceTotal used space of the data file.
Data File Available SpaceTotal available data file size
Log File SizeTotal Reserved Log file size of the database.
Log File Used SpaceTotal used space of the log file.
Log File Available SpaceTotal available log file size.
If you import the monitoring configuration from one environment to another and in case the database is not available in the destination environment, then the particular configuration will be moved to an orphaned state.

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