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Release Date: 3 October 2018

Brand New Features

FeatureAbout the featureSection in BizTalk360
Import & ExportWe have enhanced the existing functionality for users to be able to export Knowledge Base, BizTalk reports, Dashboards, and Custom Widgets (along with their configurations) from one environment (QA/Development/UAT) and import them as-is into another environment (ie. Production). Users can also change the configurations while importing into the destination environment.Settings > Import and Export
Advanced Web Endpoint MonitoringWe had this functionality in previous releases to monitor Web Endpoints using Windows authentication. Now, we have enriched this feature with capabilities such as to support Basic, Azure Services, SSL Client certificate Thumbprint authentication. Additional to this, two new Content-Type option have been included. One is for support of "Application/soap+xml" ( SOAP 1.2 ) and "Other Content-Type" (To support any other content type).Monitoring > BizTalk Environments > Web Endpoints
Grid column CustomizationWe have added the capability to customize the columns at the grid level. Users can select and unselect the column the same as in the BizTalk Admin Console (Add/Remove columns) and save the selected columns by using the Save Query option.Operations > Data Access > Message Box Queries
Operations>Data Access > Graphical Flow Messages
Operations > Electronic Data Interchange > Reports
Scheduling Business Holiday Calendar in MaintenanceSince previous releases, users can set up multiple future Maintenance Windows. Now, to ease the maintenance configuration for the users, the capability to add Business Holiday calendars is implemented. These Business holiday calendars can be mapped during the maintenance window setup. With this capability, users can exclude alarms during maintenance. Except for the selected alarms, other alarms will undergo maintenance.Settings > Monitoring Notification > Stop Alerts for Maintenance Settings > Monitoring Notification > Configure Business Holidays
User Access Policy - New look for Application AccessIn earlier versions, we had a simple grid, displaying all the available applications. Now, we enriched this feature with four new capabilities to provide access to the applications. The different options are Grant Access by Applications, Grant Access to all Applications, Wild Card Search, and Grant Access to Application Groups. Once the rule is configured, there is a View Application option available for the admin, to verify who has been provided access to which applications.Settings > User Access Policy
PowerShell Notification channelIn our earlier versions, the users were able to send notifications to specific notification channels in BizTalk360 (Eg: Slack, ServiceNow, Webhook, Teams). Now the user can configure PowerShell scripts in the Notification Channel while configuring an alarm.Monitoring > Manage Alarms
Settings > Monitoring And Notification > Manage Notification Channels


EnhancementComments/Fix ProvidedSection in BizTalk360
Performance Enhancements in Event Log Data CollectionImplemented individual server level customization, to improve the performance of Event Log data collection. Now, the user has control to enable/disable the individual servers (BizTalk & SQL Server), which will restrict unnecessary data collection. There is a new section "SQL Sources" introduced to configure SQL server sources.Settings > Advanced Event Viewer
IBM MQ & Azure Service Bus Queue (Message Age Monitoring)In this release, we have enhanced the option to monitor the queues with message ages (Time of Message Exist in Queue).Monitoring > Manage Mapping > Queues > IBM MQ.
Monitoring > Manage Mapping > Queues > Azure Service Bus Queue
Unable to set Threshold interval between 23.30 to 00.00 hrsWhen configuring Threshold monitoring, in the restriction time window there is no option to receive alerts between 23.30 to 00 hrs. This is enhanced now and the user is able to set threshold monitoring between 23.30 to 23.59 hrs.Monitoring > Manage Alarm
Service Instances are grouped by Error DescriptionWe have enhanced the existing service instance grouping logic in the email alerts. Previously, Service instances were grouped by Error Code in the alert emails. Now, there is a new setting "Enable Group By Description" introduced to group the service instances based on the Error Description to get a full insight about your errored service instances.Monitoring > Data Monitoring >Message Box Data
Settings > System Settings >Monitoring & Notification Settings
Increase Alarm description characters(1000)Previously, the alert description field accepted only up to 300 characters. Now the limit has been increased up to 1000 characters.Monitoring > Manage Alarms
Service Name filtering capability for the ESB Exception MessagesThere is a new filter option "Service Name" introduced in the ESB Exception Data query builder. This will enable users to perform an extensive search and get the desired results.Operations > ESB Portal >ESB Exception Data
Logic Apps listing restrictionThere is a restriction to list the Logic Apps in the Operation section. Only 30 Logic Apps are allowed to display. This limitation has been removed now and the user is able to view all the configured Logic Apps in the selected Azure Subscription.Operation > Azure Service > Logic Apps
Restore System XSLT TemplateWhenever we make any improvements to the default email template there is no option for the users to restore the changes from the GUI. This makes them manually copy/paste the XSLT from the database to utilize the new changes. To avoid the manual intervention, a new option has been provided "Restore System XSLT" to restore the changes from GUI.Settings -> Monitoring and Notification > Manage Email Template
PDF downloadPDF download capability is not new in BizTalk360. We have provided this option in few other areas of the application, to download the reports, dashboards and message flows from the GUI. This option is provided in Operation, Monitoring & Analytics Dashboards, Graphical Flow (Tracking), and Messaging Patterns.Operations > Data Access > Graphical Flow (Tracking)
Operations > Home/Dashboard
Analytics > Messaging Patterns
Analytics > Home/Dashboard
Monitoring > Home/Dashboard
Cross Domain support for File MonitoringFile Location monitoring capability has been improved to monitor cross-domain file locations.Monitoring > Manage Mappings > File Locations
Logic Apps Display based on the Resource GroupIn the earlier versions, Logic Apps are not grouped by Resource Group name. There was an issue to display the Logic Apps which are created in different Resource Groups with the same name. With the introduction of the "Resource Group" column, Logic Apps are grouped by Resource Group in every single configured Azure subscription.Operations > Azure Services > Logic Apps
Monitoring > Manage Mapping > Azure Services > Logic Apps
Monitoring > Data Monitoring >Logic Apps
Installer One password capabilityWe have enhanced the BizTalk360 installer in v8.9, where only one set of credentials (UserName, Password) will be asked during the upgrade process, in case the same credentials have been used for all the installed components.Installer
Installer SQL UpgradeIn the earlier versions of the installer, there was no support for the SQL authentication upgrade. From this version, BizTalk360 will support SQL Authentication upgrade.Installer

Bug Fixes

Reported IssueComments/Fix ProvidedSection in BizTalk360
Unable to Execute BAM QueryThe user was unable to execute a BAM query when the Date Time and Float columns have NULL values. It is fixed and the data displayed properly.Operation > Data Access > Business Activity Monitoring
BAM Time Zone IssueThe BAM Time Zone will not change when the Column Name and the Alias Name are different in the Activity. This issue is fixed.Operation > Data Access > Business Activity Monitoring
View "UNKNOWN" status host instancesUsers were unable to view the status of the "UNKNOWN" host instances due to scrolling being disabled. Now, this issue is fixed.Operations > Dashboard
Logic Apps - Run HistoryThere was an exception "Cannot read property 'interval' of undefined" thrown while viewing the Logic Apps Run History. This issue is fixed and the Run History will be shown properly.Operations > Azure Services > Logic Apps
Hyperlink in Alert Email DescriptionThere was a specific issue in the Alert Email Description to support hyperlinks in the HTML format. Now, this issue is fixed. Users will be able to view the mentioned hyperlink as a link format in the Alert Email Description.Monitoring > Manage Alarms > Create Alarm(description)
Logic App Monitoring using Endpoint URLThere was an issue to monitor Logic Apps which has the same name in different Resource Groups. The issue is fixed. Now, the Logic Apps monitoring is happening based on the Endpoint URL, not by the name.Monitoring > Manage Mapping > Azure Services > Logic Apps
Email Alert Error HighlightingIn Email alerts, a Monitor Error is captured, but it was not highlighted by any color. This issue is fixed and Amber color has been provided for Monitor Error text in Alert Email.Monitoring > BizTalk Environment > Web Endpoint
Web Endpoint TLS 1.2 supportIn Web Endpoint monitoring, an exception appears when TLS 1.0 is disabled and TLS 1.1/1.2 is enabled. This issue is fixed.Monitoring > BizTalk Environment > Web Endpoint
Web Endpoint listing issueWeb Endpoints are not properly listed in the grid view when the Endpoints have an invalid port number configured. This resulted in an "Error" message in the Monitoring status. This issue is now fixed.Monitoring > BizTalk Environment > Web Endpoint
SFTP Public AuthenticationIt was not possible to monitor SFTP locations using a Public Key Authentication. This issue has been fixed and now it is possible to monitor the location in SFTP using Public Key AuthenticationMonitoring > Manage Mapping > File Locations > SFTP
Email TemplateIn earlier versions, Process Monitoring configuration in different alarms is grouped under the first alarm name. This issue is fixed and the configurations of Process Monitoring alerts will come under their respective Alarm Names.Monitoring > Data Monitoring > Process Monitoring
SQL Server Performance widget errorThe Message Box database and Tracking Database disk usage widgets in BizTalk reports are not displaying the data properly when the user has different Regional Settings, except English (US). This is fixed and the data is displayed properly for all the Regional Settings.Analytics > Reporting
BizTalk Database Table Size widgets performance improvementsWe have improved the performance for the BizTalk Database Table Size widgets by introducing indexing of the table in SQL Server.Analytics > Reporting
BizTalk Database Table Size widgets duplicate data issueTo avoid data growth, new logic has been introduced to stop the insertion of duplicate data entry in the table, when the customer has date format "YYYY-DD-MM" in SQL Server configuration.Analytics > Reporting
Custom widget error for Message Box and HostsWhen you add a custom widget with different metrics for Message Box or Hosts, the widget was just spinning without displaying any data. This issue has been fixed and the widgets are populated with appropriate data.Analytics > Dashboard > Custom Widget
Importing alarms with Email templateWhen importing the alarm configuration, a default Email template is associated with all alarm configurations, irrespective of its original Email template settings. This issue is fixed.Settings > Import and Export > Import
Unable to perform Import in Internet ExplorerThere was a console issue appearing while importing the alarms in Internet Explorer. This issue is fixed.Settings > Import and Export > Export
API Documentation - Cross-Origin issueAPI Documentation throws "access denied error" while executing the "Try It" button when HTTPS is enabled. This issue is fixed.Settings > API Documentation
Persist Web.config file changes during the upgradeTo access BizTalk360 via HTTPS protocol, few configurations needs to be done in the web.config file. In the earlier versions, during the upgrade process, this configuration is overridden and the user needs to do the configuration every time. This issue is fixed and changes are made in the config file and are persisted during the upgrade process.Installer
Restriction relaxed to support .NET 3.5 FrameworkBizTalk360 installer prerequisite screen allows the user to proceed with installation only if .NET 3.5 framework is installed in the server, though .NET 4.5 is the bare minimum version. This issue is fixed now and the user is able to proceed with the installation, although .NET 3.5 is not installed.Installer

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