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Release Date: 24 January 2019

Brand New Features

FeatureCommentsSection in BizTalk360
Quick Alarm ConfigurationQuick Alarm Configuration gives a seamless user experience for the new users to create a new alarm along with artifacts mapping for monitoring. With this new capability, the user can get a unified experience to easily set up monitoring.Monitoring -> Dashboard -> Quick Alarm Configuration Monitoring -> Manage Alarm -> Quick Alarm Configuration
Send Port Group MonitoringBizTalk360 now has the Send Port Group Monitoring capability. With this feature, users can monitor the Send Port Groups of the BizTalk applications.Monitoring -> Manage Mapping -> Application
Send Port Group OperationsWe had this functionality to view the Send Ports Groups of each application through the Search Artifacts section. Now, BizTalk360 has the capability to perform operations for Send Port Groups such as Start, Stop, Enlist, and Unenlist. whilst, we have leveraged the governance and audit capability to capture all these activities for auditing.Operation -> Application Support -> Search Artifacts and Applications
Delete ESB Fault MessageWith the ESB Fault delete functionality, users can delete the fault messages which are not important for resubmission. Additionally, all the deleted activities are audited in both the Governance & Auditing and Live feed section.Operation -> ESB Portal -> ESB Exception Data
Alarm Auto ResetIn earlier versions, we had to manually reset the alarm when the notification count is reached its limit. From this version on, the alarm notification count will get automatically reset as per the user configuration (E.g.: 10 mins).Monitoring -> Manage Alarms
AutoCorrect ResetAuto healing is an existing feature available in BizTalk360 which will change the artifacts state automatically when a violation happens. There were no options to reset the counter once the limit is reached until the user changes it. From this version, the retry count will get automatically reset as per the user configuration (E.g.: 10 mins).Monitoring -> Manage Mapping
Custom User Profile TemplatesIn earlier versions, there were three predefined user profile templates in the User Access Policy section available, where the user can select and provide access to the corresponding features for custom users (normal users/NT groups). Now, we have added the ability to create custom profile templates, where the user can predefine a set of features that can be utilized during the user profile creation.Settings -> User Access Policy


EnhancementComments/Fix ProvidedSection in BizTalk360
Filter Operators ImprovementsBizTalk360 has the capability to query the data from various databases to show important data such as Service Instance details, Tracked /Message service details, ESB, and so on. To filter the data from the corresponding database, BizTalk360 provides rich query builder capability. From this version, we have added few additional operators in line with the BizTalk Admin console for easy access to the data in both Operation and Data Monitoring Section.Operation ->Data Access -> Message Box Queries Operation ->Data Access -> Graphical Message Flow Monitoring -> Data Monitoring ->Message Box Data Monitoring -> Data Monitoring ->Tracking Data
ESB FiltersWe have added the new options Machine Name and Scope for users to filter the ESB exception data in both Operation and Data Monitoring Section.Operation -> ESB Portal -> ESB Exception Data Monitoring -> Data Monitoring -> ESB Data
License Expiry - RemainderIn earlier versions, we were showing the license expiry notification only for trial license type. Now, the expiry notification will also be shown for the other license types (Commercial, Partner & Product Specialist). This notification will provide an insight into the type of license and date of expiryHome section
Notification ChannelIn previous versions, there was no option to reconfigure the notification channel if any changes made in the existing notification channel DLL. Now, the reconfiguration process will be seamless from the UI without touching the database. And also view the detailed information about the alarm to which the notification channel is mapped.Settings -> Monitoring And Notification -> Manage Notification Channel

Bug Fixes

Reported IssueComments/Fix ProvidedSection in BizTalk360
Invalid Date time is shown for AS2/MDN MessageInvalid Dates are displayed in the AS2 Message DateTime column. This issue has been fixed. Now, valid date-time will be displayed as per the user profile date-time format settings.Operation ->EDI -> AS2/ MDN status
Duration Column SortingGrid sorting for duration column in Tracked Service instance is not working properly. This issue is fixed now.Operation ->Data Access -> Graphical Message Flow
User Name & Password Authentication in File MonitoringWhen the file monitoring is enabled with User Name and Password Authentication becomes orphaned. Now, this issue is fixed.Monitoring -> File Location -> File
Unable to view the Application Properties during the initial loadApplication properties are not displayed during the initial load because of the undefined property value. This issue is fixed.Operation -> Applications
BizTalk360 is not loading due to lack of permission for the blob URLBizTalk360 Application wasn't loading properly due to lack of permission for the blob URL and the Issue has been fixed.
Duplicate filters are displayed in Message Box QueriesDuplicate filters are displayed when the "Query Instance" link is clicked from the Application artifacts view. This issue is fixed now.Operations -> Data Access -> Message Box (Queries)
HTML tag validation in Alert Email DescriptionThere was a specific issue in the Alert Email description when unpaired HTML tags are used. Now, this issue is fixed. Users will be able to view the mentioned unpaired tags in corresponding HTML format in the Alert Email Description.Monitoring -> Manage Alarms -> Alarm
Unable to perform Search for Group by Service Instances criteria in Message Box QueriesNormal users were unable to perform the search for the criteria "Group by Service Instances" when "Grant Access to All applications" is provided their user profile. This issue is fixed now.Operation -> Data Access -> Message Box Queries
Alert Email TLS 1.0 disabled supportIn BizTalk360 Alert Email, an exception appears and Email alerts are not being sent when TLS 1.0 is disabled and TLS 1.1/1.2 is enabled. This issue is now fixed.Settings -> Monitoring And Notification -> SMTP Monitoring Service -> Alarm ->Email Notification Analytics Service ->BizTalk Reports -> Email Notification
Event Log widget throws a number format errorThe Event Log count widget throws a number format exception due to invalid conversion of data type. This issue is fixed now.Analytics --> BizTalk Reports -->Event Log Widget
Exception "NT Services No Longer Exists" appears for the user services in Windows 10 & 2016 serverThere are new dynamic NT services created while the user logs in & out in Windows 10 & 2016 Server. All the previously monitored user-related NT services are become orphaned with the exception of "NT Services No Longer Exists" in Alert Notification. This issue is fixed now.Home -> Monitoring -> BizTalk Server -> NT services Home -> Monitoring -> SQL Server -> NT services
Orphaned Host InstancesIn BizTalk360 monitoring, the Host Instance services are getting orphaned even though the current status is "Do not Monitor". This issue is fixed.Home -> Monitoring -> BizTalk Server -> NT services Home -> Monitoring -> SQL Server -> NT services
Error when importing SQL Server Instance configurationThe user was unable to import SQL Server instance configuration because of the exception "Escape sequence error". This issue is fixed now.Settings -> Import and Export

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