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Release Date: 28 August 2019

Brand New Features

Section in BizTalk360
Host Instance MonitoringUntil earlier versions, the "AtleastOneActive" state can be used to monitor only the Clustered Host Instances. From this version on, we made the "AtleastOneActive" state open to monitor Clustered and Non-Clustered Host Instances. The user can also enable AutoCorrect for Clustered and Non-Clustered host instances monitoringMonitoring -> Manage Alarms -> BizTalk Environment -> Host Instances
Dynatrace IntegrationUsers can integrate BizTalk360 Analytics data with Dynatrace. BizTalk360 Analytics services will create custom metrics in Dynatrace for every configured performance counter and then start pushing the performance data to the respective Dynatrace custom metrics. The user can map these custom metrics to the Dynatrace dashboard.Settings -> Analytics Configuration -> Dynatrace Configuration
SQL Query Custom ReportIn BizTalk Reporting, we have introduced an additive widget called Custom SQL Query widget through which SQL queries can be mapped to get the top 100 query result as a report based on the scheduled configuration.Analytics -> Reporting -> Report -> Add widget -> SQL Query Custom Widget
BizTalk Group DashboardIn BizTalk360's Monitoring dashboard it was not possible to view the status of all the mapped artifacts in a single view; the user needed to change the alarm each and every time to view the status of the mapped artifacts of each alarm. To overcome this challenge we have introduced the BizTalk Group Dashboard which gives a consolidated view of the status of all the artifacts which are mapped to all the alarms in an environment.Monitoring -> BizTalk Group Dashboard
User Access Policy and Licensing activities auditingBizTalk360 Activities will give a clear view of user actions with respect to Licenses and User Access Policies. License activities include activation, deactivation, removal, and manual activation and deactivation. User Access Policy activities will include create, update, delete and import operation under the following section i.e Manage Users, Manage Application Groups and Manage Custom User profilesOperations -> Governance Audit -> BizTalk360 Activities -> License Activities / User Access Policy Activities


Section in BizTalk360
Performance Data collection improvementsIn earlier versions, users can enable the performance data collection for the various server types, say BizTalk, SQL, IIS, Windows, where BizTalk360 will start collecting performance data for all the counters of the selected type. From this version on, to improve the performance, we are providing an option for the user to select the required performance counters on each type. This way, BizTalk360 will start collecting data only for the selected counters.Settings -> Analytics Configuration
-> Manage Analytics->Manage Metrics
SQL Servers MonitoringSome of the improvements we have done on SQL Server monitoring are,
1) Platinum tier users can add up to 4 servers for monitoring
2) User can remove the SQL servers which have been added for monitoring
3) User can add non-reachable SQL Servers for monitoring, however, the monitoring will happen only when the server is reachable
Settings -> Monitoring and Notification -> SQL Servers for Monitoring
Environment Sequence ReorderingBizTalk360 allows the user to create, edit and delete the multiple BizTalk environments based on their organizational needs. In addition to that, we have another option called reordering an environment. Users can reorder the environment by dragging and dropping the environments. The selected order reflects everywhere in BizTalk360 where the Environments dropdown appears. By default, the active environment will be loaded when you launch BizTalk360.BizTalk360 -> Settings -> Environments
Teams Channel ImprovementsFrom this version, a new text field "Message Card Summary" is added to the BizTalk360 Teams Notification Channel. When a BizTalk360 Alert is received, the Team's Message card will hold the message card summary.BizTalk360 -> Settings -> Monitoring and Notification -> Manage Notification channels
BizTalk Server License widget RestrictionThe BizTalk Server License widget displays some key information like BizTalk Server licensing details. However, this information is not needed for all the users. So we have made some access restrictions to this widget, only the superusers can view this widget. Also, this widget is removed from the set of default widgets list.BizTalk360 -> Operation Dashboard
ESB ExceptionsIn ESB Exception data, the Action Type and Comments are implemented when a Fault Message is Resubmitted or Deleted.Operations -> ESB Portal -> ESB Exception Data
Messaging Flow PatternsFrom this version on, Analytics Messaging Flow Patterns can be determined from the BizTalk Management database. Users can switch the Messaging Flow determination technique in the Message Patterns configuration. The Dynamic Pattern option is used to determine the Message Patterns from the tracking database(earlier versions).Settings -> Analytics Configuration -> Message Patterns
Analytics Widget ImprovementsThe Host Performance CPU and Memory widgets have been segregated into different widgets. Information about the different legends in the BizTalk Messaging Performance widget has been added. The date/time range for the last 24 hours has been modified to show the time range for the last 24 hours instead of 12 hoursAnalytics -> Home -> Widgets
FIPS Compliance Support in CryptographyBizTalk360 now supports the AE5 cryptography algorithm to support FIPS Compliance in the Encryption/Decryption mechanism.Across BizTalk360
SQL Collation support in BizTalk360BizTalk Server is capable of supporting both case-sensitive and case insensitive collation. To make BizTalk360 more compatible with BizTalk Server, we have improved BizTalk360 in such a way that it will support case-sensitive collation as well.Across BizTalk360
Support for rules created using BRE Pipeline FrameworkRules created using .NET classes with the BRE Pipeline Framework were not getting displayed in BizTalk360. This is now supported and the rules are getting displayedOperations -> Rules -> Business Rules Composer
ESB messages resubmit will support both UTF- 16 and UTF-32When resubmitting a message which holds special characters (like é) the messages were converted into a different format (like ? /♦). This issue has been fixed by supporting both UTF-16 and UTF-32.Operations -> ESB Portal -> ESB Exception Data

Bug Fixes

Reported Issue
Comments/Fix Provided 
Section in BizTalk360 
Email Template validation errorWhile creating a new email template, a validation exception occurs. The issue has been fixed.Settings -> Monitoring and Notification->Manage Email Templates
Server details were not updated correctly in the Infrastructure sectionThe SQL and BizTalk Server details were not getting changed based on the server selection. This issue has been fixed.Operation -> Infrastructure Settings -> SQL Server
Rules created with .Net classes are not getting displayed in BREWhen a user navigates to the Business Rules Composer, the rules created using .Net classes are not getting displayed and a console exception appears. This issue has been fixed and the rules are visibleOperations -> Business Rules Composer
An issue with BizTalk Host Performance widget showing extra valuesThe Host Performance widget by Memory has been modified to display the values in MB so that proper values are shown.Analytics -> Home -> BizTalk Host Performance by Memory
Orphaned application artifacts are not getting removed.In Monitoring, orphaned application artifacts cannot be removed by using the 'Remove Orphaned' option. This issue is fixed and available from this versionMonitoring -> Manage Mapping -> Application
Search Artifacts was not loading until the application is refreshedDue to pagination, the Search Artifacts was not loading until the application is refreshed. This issue has been fixed.Operation -> Application Support-> Search Artifacts
BizTalk Server 2016 version details were not shown correctlyUnder Infrastructure, the details of BizTalk Server 2013 were showing for BizTalk Server 2016 as well. This issue has been fixed to display the appropriate values.Operations -> Infrastructure -> BizTalk Server -> Click for more details
Missing Suspended Instances ribbon in the Application sectionWhen a user navigates to the Application section, there is a ribbon that contains the Suspended Instances count information, and a link to the Message Box queries section is missing. This issue has been fixed.Operation -> Application Support -> Applications
Exception in Advanced event viewerWhile adding more filters in Advanced Event Viewer, an exception might appear due to pagination. This issue has been fixed.Operations -> Data Access -> Advanced Event Viewer
BizTalk360 faced issues with Case Sensitive (CS) collation environmentsWhile installing BizTalk360 in a case-sensitive collation-based environment, i.e CS collation for SQL Server, the installation fails. Also while having BizTalk360 DB in the SQL Server instance (which is configured with CS collation) as the BizTalk databases, BizTalk360 throws exceptions in few sections. For example, Advanced Event Viewer, BizTalk Server, etc. This issue has been fixed and BizTalk360 is compatible with CS collation.Across BizTalk360
Getting Error while configuring Quick Alarm in an environment where EDI is not configuredWhen a user configuring a Quick Alarm in an environment where EDI is not configured, an error mentioning Could not find stored procedure 'bts_GetInterchangeStatusRecords' happened. This issue has been fixed.Monitoring -> Monitoring Dashboard
Analytics Service is not running after upgrade in certain environmentsIn version 8.9.6, we introduced AppDynamics integration. When a user upgrades to the latest version, the Analytics service was not started, which was caused by the AppDynamics sub-service. This issue has been fixed.BizTalk360 -> Analytics
Pagination issue occurred when the max match count is changedWhile querying artifacts the page lead to shrunk, when a user navigates between the pages and changes the max match count. This issue has been fixed.Across BizTalk360
Data Monitoring alert is not getting triggeredData monitoring will stop sending alerts when the "notify when things become normal after violation" option is disabled under threshold alert in Alarm configuration. Now, this issue has been fixed.Monitoring-> Manage Alarms
A new application group is not getting addedWhen a new application group is created, the previous one edited or added is getting changed instead of adding the new one. This issue has been fixed and new groups are getting added.Settings -> User Access Policy -> Manage Application Groups
Error while editing and resubmitting the ESB messageWhile editing and resubmitting the ESB messages it throws an error message on the user interface. This issue has been fixed, now the proper resubmit message will get displayed.Operation -> ESB portal -> ESB Exception Data

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