Logic Apps
  • 01 Nov 2022
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Logic Apps

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Modern enterprise IT is hybrid and relies on data from on-premises and the cloud. BizTalk is the best suit integration for On-Premises integration tools as well as IaaS (Infrastructure as Service). It also Integrates Cloud Services with built-in adapters for cloud, Logic Apps to On-Premise Gateway. Azure Logic Apps provide a great way to extend your integration scenarios and capabilities to the cloud. 

Let us consider a scenario, during BizTalk Application deployment you may need to stop all the integrated Logic Apps, and significantly the same need to be started once after the deployment. And also there is a chance the executions of the Azure Logic Apps might succeed or fail, and the failed logic app run may need to resubmit at some point in time. These activities can be done without manual intervention using BizTalk360 Automated Logic Apps Task.

Automated Logic Apps tasks allow you to automate the below actions 

  • Enable
  • Disable
  • Run Trigger 
  • Resubmit Runs

Logic Apps task Configuration  

  • To configure Logic Apps Task navigate to Environment Settings->Automated Tasks ->New Task Configuration->Select Logic App which will open the task configuration blade  
  • Add the Task Name and Description 
  • Select the Azure Subscription - Select the Subscription from the list which holds the respective Logic Apps 
  • The Azure Subscription must be configured in BizTalk360 before accessing the Logic Apps in Automated Task. Follow this article to add the Azure subscription to BizTalk360
  • BizTalk360 will not take any action on the Logic Apps if the Azure subscription is in the suspended or disabled state. 
  • Select the Logic Apps -Select the Logic Apps from the list to take an action. Multiple Logic Apps can be selected to perform the same operations 
  • Select Logic App Action -Select which action needs to perform Enable/Disable/Run Trigger/Resubmit Runs. To perform Resubmit Action few more configurations need to be done as mentioned below,
    • Resubmit Runs- Provide the duration (in minutes ) to pick the runs which have failed in that period. Eg: the last 15 minutes. Optionally you can also provide the below information to resubmit the runs 
      • Provide the failure reason. So that only that particular failed runs will be resubmitted.
      • Select the triggers, to submit the failed runs in that triggers.
      • Select the Run Actions and the status. The runs with the selected run action and the selected status will be resubmitted 
  • Enable/Disable the task for execution. By default, the task execution will be enabled. If it's disabled then this task will not be executed at any time.
  • Run this task immediately after saving - Enable this option to run the task immediately after saving the task configuration. However, the same task will execute again during the scheduled time.
  • Follow this article for Schedule Configuration 
  • Notification Configuration - Enable the channels  you wish to get notified about the actions performed on Logic Apps

On successful task configuration, you can see the task in the configuration grid along with the task name, resource type, resource details, Action, Schedule type, and Next execution time.

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