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  • Updated on 19 Oct 2018
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Release Date: 23 March, 2015

This release notes document contains the list of issues that have been fixed as a part of different patch versions of BizTalk360 v7.9.

Disclaimer – When you have configured Data Monitoring in your environment, and for any reason you try to remove the associated artifact from the BizTalk Administration Console, the data monitoring result will not be in the expected format in the Data Monitoring Dashboard and email alerts. This is a known limitation and we will be fixing this in the next 7.9 patch version.

Reported Issue Comments/Fix Provided Section in BizTalk360
Selected servers in “Map Environment” screen during alarm import process is not the same as what is shown in Import Summary screen In a multi-server environment, when there are multiple BizTalk servers, SQL servers, SQL Server Instances, and user selects one of these servers (say, the second server) during the Map Environment stage of alarm import process. However, in the next step (Import Summary), the application displays the first server name. This issue is fixed in this patch release and the selected server value is retained in the Import summary screen. Alarm Export/Import functionality
Interchange/ACK Status report only shows X12 Encoding Type even if EDIFACT is deployed While querying for Interchange/ACK status reports, the application only displayed X12 encoding type under “EDI Encoding Type” column even though EDIFACT is deployed. This issue is now fixed and both X12 & EDIFACT values are displayed in the column as expected. We have also fixed another issue in the same screen where normal users (with permissions to all applications) were unable to view the EDI status reports. EDI Status Reports
Exception message appears while trying to submit an ESB message & the SOAP OnRamp URL/WCF OnRamp URL settings are not configured When the SOAP OnRamp URL or WCF OnRamp URL settings are not configured, and the user tries to resubmit a message, an exception message appears such as “Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length”. This issue is fixed and if the URL settings are not configured and when the user tries to resubmit a message, the application will disable the submit process and display an error tool-tip asking the user either to add the URL settings (for super users) or contact the administrators (for normal users). ESB Portal
License key value is not updated while adding a new environment When adding a new environment, the license key entered does not get updated. Users need to edit the environment in order to get the license key to be updated. This issue is fixed and the license key value gets updated while adding the environment. Settings > Environment Settings
Grid header displays “Is Publication Enabled” while it is “Is Publication Disabled” in the Admin Console The grid header in Message Box Databases displays “Is Publication Enabled”. But the same value in Admin Console is represented as “Is Publication Disabled”. This inconsistency has been fixed in this release. Platform Settings -> Message Box Databases
Message Box Database information not displayed When two or more message box databases connected to the environment have the same name, only one Message box database is listed in the screen. This issue is fixed and all the Message Box databases for the selected environment are displayed as in the Admin Console. Platform Settings -> Message Box Databases
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