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Release Date: 30 June, 2015

Table of Contents

  • Brand New Features
  • Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes

Brand New Features

Feature About the feature Modules and Section in BizTalk360
BizTalk360 Licensing In this release, we have made a drastic change to the BizTalk360 licensing process. Once you request for a license key, you will receive an email with an Order Number & License Code. The order number and license code needs to be entered in the appropriate license type (Commercial, Trial, Partner, Product Specialist) section under “Activate License” screen. Additional options include License Deactivation, License Removal, and viewing the properties of the license. We have separated the Environments and Licenses screens under Settings. If there is no internet connectivity in the server where BizTalk360 is installed, you can activate/deactivate the license keys manually. Settings > Licenses
Auto Correct We have added the auto correct functionality for artifacts in the Monitoring sections. This feature will keep a watch against the expected and actual state of an artifact. When there is a mismatch, the functionality will automatically correct the state of the artifact.  You can set up how many times auto correct functionality can perform a retry attempt. The Max Retries range from a minimum value of 3 to maximum value of 10. The default value of  Max Retries is 5. Monitoring and Notifications
Ability to view context promoted properties We have added the capability to view the context promoted properties of a schema within BizTalk360 UI. We have also included the capability to filter based on context promoter properties and create a tracked message data monitor. Graphical Flow (tracking) > Tracked Message Events
Archive and Terminate service instances We have added an additional capability in Message Box Data Monitoring screen to be able to archive the service instances before terminating them. To enable archiving of service instances, you need to provide the file location where you want to store the archive file under the ‘System Settings’ screen in the Settings Menu. Data Monitoring > Message Box Data
Message Payload We have added the functionality to allow users to select the context properties that they want to see in the notification email generated from BizTalk360 Data Monitor. The selected context properties will be attached as zip file (containing the message content and context information) in the notification email. Data Monitoring > Message Box Data
Retry suspended service instances We have added the message retry functionality when trying to ‘Resume’ the service instances. The number of retries can be set to a value between 0 and 10. Data Monitoring > Message Box Data


Enhancement Comments/Fix Provided Section in BizTalk360
Added ‘Contains’ operator for ‘Exception Message’ filter option in ESB We have added the ‘Contains’ operator in place of ‘IsEqualTo’ for the ‘Exception Message’ filter option in ESB All ESB related sections (ESB Exception and ESB Data Monitoring)
Task Action Flag improvement We have improved the logic with task action flag that is displayed when an action is taken by the Message Box Data Monitor. If the service instance is not eligible for the action set or if the condition is actually not met when the data monitor executes, the ‘Settings’ icon will not be visible in the dashboard. The icon will only be visible if the instance is eligible for action and condition count is met. Data Monitoring > Message Box Data Monitor
Purge Performance Improvement When the environment has many alarms, the monitoring purging process took long time to execute. We have improved the purging logic to accommodate a faster purge rate for the monitoring process. Settings > Data Purging

Bug Fixes

Reported Issue Comments/Fix Provided Section in BizTalk360
“Descending” check box in the ‘Order By’ column remains checked when navigating to new BAM activity When performing an activity search with the ‘Descending’ option (under Order By) checked, once the query is executed and when the user tries to navigate to another BAM activity, the ‘Descending’ option remains checked. This issue is fixed and when switching between activities, the ‘Descending’ option will not be checked and will be disabled. Only when the ‘Order By’ column contains any value, the ‘Descending’ check box will be enabled. Business Activity Monitoring
Data monitoring dashboard not visible for normal users When a normal user is granted access to Monitoring Dashboard under Settings > User Access Policy > Permissions screen, this should also grant access to the Data Monitoring dashboard, but this was not working as expected. This issue is fixed, and when a user is granted access to Monitoring Dashboard, they will automatically have access to Data Monitoring Dashboard as well. Settings > User Access Policy
BizTalk server name from the source environment is retained after alarm is imported When alarms are imported from one environment to another, the BizTalk server names mapped with the host instances (in the host environment) were not mapped correctly with the BizTalk server names in the destination environment. This resulted in the alarms displaying a warning for the host instances in the monitoring dashboard. This issue is fixed and the BizTalk server name gets mapped as expected once the alarm is imported into the destination environment. Alarm Export/Import functionality
Support & What’s New button We have removed the Support & What’s New buttons from the BizTalk360 application Across the UI
Unnecessary white spaces are added while resubmitting a message When resubmitting an ESB message through the editor, additional white spaces are added to the XML message. This issue is fixed, and unnecessary white spaces while resubmitting messages has been removed. ESB Message Resubmit
Offset in time under “AS2 Message Date Time” column in AS2/MDN Status Records The AS2 Message Date Time column in AS2/MDN Status Records displayed the time with an offset (as per the timezone settings defined in the User Profile Settings). Therefore, there was a value mismatch between the values in BizTalk360 and BizTalk Administration Console. This issue is now fixed and the AS2 Message Date Time column will be displayed in UTC format (as in the BizTalk Administration Console).
Please note that, this change will only be reflected under the “AS2 Message DateTime” column. The “Received Date Time” column will still display the time based on the time zone settings defined in User Profile settings. EDI Status Reports > AS2/MDN Reports
The “Service Class” column displays “Messaging InProcess” instead of “Messaging” When filtering the service instances based on “Messaging” service class, the “Service Class” column displays the value as “Messaging InProcess” instead of “Messaging”. This issue is fixed and the Service Class column displays “Messaging”. Message Box (Queries)
Additional spaces in “Error Description” are not trimmed When there are additional spaces in the “Error Description” filter while adding a Data Monitor for Message Box (Queries), the extra spaces are not trimmed. As a result, when there are service instances with error description available, the actual count in the result shows 0. This issue is fixed and extra spaces will be automatically trimmed. Data Monitoring > Message Box Data
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) We have fixed the issue to resolve the error defined on the left. The “Debug” option under “.Net Compilation” in IIS will automatically be set to “False” by default, and we have added two new fields in the web.config file (Use Proxy and IsDebugBuild). These values are also set to “False” by default. BizTalk360 Installation
Applications are not listed in the page when there are large number of applications in the environment When there are large numbers of applications (say, >500), all the applications are not listed in the applications page. This issue is now fixed as we have made changes to the ‘web.config’ file to accommodate all the applications. Applications
Exception Summary is displayed for ESB data monitor which has Severity filter When an ESB Data Monitor is added with the ‘Severity’ filter, the ESB data monitoring dashboard displays the ‘ESB Data Execution Results’ pop-up displays the Exception Summary information. This issue has been fixed and the Exception Summary information will no longer be visible when the Severity filter is chosen as a filter option. Data Monitoring > ESB Data
Message Box (Queries) filter with Error Code and Service name does not fetch the list of suspended messages When we execute a Message Box (Queries) filter with the Error Code and Service Name options, the query execution did not fetch the list of suspended messages. As a result, the auto resume/terminate action did not work as expected. This issue has been fixed and the query execution with Error Code and Service name option displays the list of suspended messages as expected. Message Box (Queries)
Query execution based on “Group Results By” “Error Description” displays exception message When we execute the Message Box (Queries) filter based on “Group Results By” and “Error Description” options, the query returned an exception message as “‘.’, hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character”. This issue has been fixed and search based on “Group Results By” “Error Description” is working as expected for hexadecimal values. Message Box (Queries)
Incorrect message displayed in Alert/Notification History page The “Note” message at the top of the screen was incorrect and misleading. This has been fixed to a meaningful sentence. Monitoring and Notifications > Alert History
Exception error occurs when “additional properties” in Party contains value in String format When the Party properties contains name and value in string format, exception occurs that affects the local BizTalk processes. This issue has been fixed and the exception message no longer appears when the name and key value pair contains string. EDI > Parties
Reduce the thresholds on alerts to below 10% Earlier, the “Error if available space is below” was restricted to a lower value of 10%. We have lowered this value to accommodate the range between 0% to 95% Monitoring and Notifications > BizTalk Servers
Monitoring and Notifications > SQL Servers
BizTalk360 upgrade scripts inconsistencies When upgrading from older versions of BizTalk360 to the latest version, one of error handling logic of data monitoring fails to write to the exception field on that table which is just 1 character long. This issue is now fixed and the inconsistencies are successfully handled. BizTalk360 Upgrade scripts
Security Fixes We have addressed issues in User Access Policy section w.r.t. unauthorized access. User Access Policy
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