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  • Updated on 19 Oct 2018
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Release Date: 19 February, 2015

Table of Contents

  • Brand New Features
  • Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Known Limitations

Brand New Features

Feature About the feature Modules and Section in BizTalk360
Data Monitoring with automatic action We are bringing in the concept of data monitoring that will help administrators to cut down their time spent in performing repetitive and monotonous monitoring tasks. We have added the data monitoring capabilities for sections that involve the query building functionality in BizTalk360 (Message Box Data, Tracking Data, BAM Data, ESB Data, EDI Data, and Process Monitoring Data). We have moved the Process Monitoring concept into the Data Monitoring sections. It is now possible to automate the tasks like Resume, Suspend and Terminate on the artifacts. The data is monitored based on the configuration set and allow the system to take a decision based on it.
There is a Data Monitoring dashboard that will provide the historical data monitoring information in a nice calendar view with the action that was taken for a particular item.
Monitoring & Notification > Data Monitoring Monitoring & Notification > Data Monitoring Dashboard
EDI Parties and Agreements The users can now view all the EDI Party and Agreement information in addition to the status reports. Users can also search for a specific party and their associated agreement information. Electronic Data Interchange > Parties
Alarm Export/Import We have added this new functionality for users to be able to export alarms (along with monitoring configurations) from one environment (QA/Development/UAT) and import them as it is into another environment (Production). The users can also change the alarm name and configured email address while importing into the destination environment. Monitoring & Notification > Manage Alarms > Export Monitoring & Notification > Manage Alarms > Import
ESB Exceptions We have added the functionality for users to be able to edit and Resubmit the message to a selected receive location. The users can configure the OnRamp and WCF (receive location) URL to be able to edit and resubmit the message to the receive location. Users can also bulk select the messages and submit them in one go to a particular receive location. Users can view the context properties of the message as well by clicking the small ‘mail’ icon in the ESB exceptions page.We have added the functionality to be able to audit the message submit and resubmit operations. These operations will be tracked in the ‘Governance and Auditing’ section under ‘ESB Message Activities’. ESB Exceptions


Enhancement Comments/Fix Provided
Alarm Creation We have simplified the alarm creation process. When you click on New Alarm, you can choose to create a Threshold alarm/Health Check alarm/Data monitoring alarm. We still have the regular alarm creation process under the “For Consolidated Monitoring” heading. Monitoring & Notification > Manage Alarms > New Alarm
Alarm Search We have added a new functionality to be able to search for alarms in the Manage Alarms page. This will help the user to easily find an alarm they are looking for when there are lots of alarms in the environment. Monitoring & Notification > Manage Alarms
Support button We have added a ‘Support’ button at the top of all pages in the application. Users can now raise support tickets from the application itself rather than having to log in to the support portal. You need to have an active internet connection in order to use this functionality. Across the UI
What’s New button The ‘What’s New’ section will display the list of new features in the particular version of BizTalk360. Across the UI
Process monitoring email notification to display receive location information The process monitoring email notification displayed only the receive port names. We have added the capability for the report to display the receive location name in the report. The minimum value of number of expected messages can now be set to ‘0’. Monitoring & Notification > Process Monitoring

Bug Fixes

Reported Issue Comments/Fix Provided Section in BizTalk360
Clicking ‘Query Instances’ link in Applications with Suspended Instances does not set filter properly in MBQ page When the ‘Query Instances’ link is clicked in an application with suspended instances, the filter in the MBQ page was not set to the correct values. Instead of service instance status, the ‘All Running’ value was populated and the query results were generated based on this filter criteria. This issue is now fixed and when the ‘Query Instances’ link is clicked, the correct filter values are populated in the MBQ page. Application > (with suspended instances) > Query Instances (link)
Inbound Maps under Receive Port Properties of an application is not populated When an application’s receive port has an inbound map associated, the associated inbound map was not displayed under “Inbound Maps” in BizTalk360 (even though the record exists in the BizTalk Admin Console). This issue is fixed and the ‘Inbound Maps’ value is displayed in BizTalk360, if it exists in BizTalk Admin Console. Application > Receive Port > Inbound Maps
Column Filename does not exist in AS2/MDN reporting in EDI in few BizTalk versions In certain versions of BizTalk server, the column ‘filename’ did not exist and hence the system displayed an exception. This issue is fixed and the filename column information will be displayed only if the column exists in the BizTalk server version. If the column does not exist in the BizTalk server, the filename information will not be displayed, however all the other information about AS2/MDN will be displayed. EDI Status Reports
Sender Party, Receiver Party and MDN Status columns in AS2 Status Reports does not display correct values The Sender Party, Receiver Party columns in AS2 Status Reports did not display the correct values; the sender and receiver party populated the sender and party ID instead of the party names. This issue is fixed and the Sender Party, Receiver Party columns displays the sender and receiver party names as expected. EDI Status Reports

Known Limitations

Issue Issue Description Module and Section in BizTalk360
Date/time mismatch There is a mismatch in the date/time in the application and BizTalk Administration console when the server time and user profile is set to the same time zone. As a result, the data monitoring for tracked message events based on Creation Time will not work as expected. Data Monitoring > Tracked Data
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