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Release Date: September 14, 2016

Table of Contents

  • Brand New Features
  • Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes

Brand New Features

FeatureAbout the featureModules and Section in BizTalk360
Queue MonitoringBizTalk360 now has a Queue monitoring facility with support for MSMQ and Azure ServiceBus Queue. With this feature, users can monitor the queue parameters such as queue size, message count, active message count, dead letter journals, transferred messages, scheduled messages, and so on.Monitoring> Manage Mapping> Queues
Azure Services MonitoringBizTalk360 now has the capability to monitor Azure services such as Logic Apps and API apps. You can monitor the status of the configured Logic Apps and API apps (web endpoints as well) using the BizTalk360.Monitoring> Manage Mapping> Queues
Advanced Web Endpoint MonitoringWe had this functionality in the previous releases. Now, we have enriched this feature with capabilities such as payload and custom header, and additional response time configuration settings like Return Code Alerts, Keyword Alerts, Response Time Alerts.Monitoring> Manage Mapping> BizTalk Environment
New Relic IntegrationWith New Relic integration, users can integrate their BizTalk360 Analytics data with New Relic and view the analytics information across different graphs in the platform.Settings> Analytics Health> New Relic Configuration


EnhancementComments/Fix ProvidedSection in BizTalk360
ESB exceptions for Itinerary headersIn this version, BizTalk360 offers the capability to resubmit messages with itinerary headers. Additionally, the users can now resubmit messages that were previously submitted.Operations> ESB Portal> ESB Exception Data
UI enhancements in Monitoring dashboardWe have improved the monitoring dashboard UI experience and added capabilities such as expand and collapse the graphical tree view at node level, Error Info button to view all the error in detail in a single view, etc.Monitoring Dashboard
Improved BRE composerBRE viewer feature is integrated with BRE composer to make it a single powerful tool. In addition, we have added a search bar to allow users to search for vocabularies. We have also improved the performance while loading the policies. This will improve the time taken to load the policies.Operations> Rules> Business Rules Composer
BizTalk360 troubleshooterWe have integrated the BizTalk360 troubleshooter (which was earlier a separate tool) within the BizTalk360 user interface. Users can now diagnose BizTalk360 related errors in a single click from within the application.Across the Application
Confirmation pop-up when user terminates the suspended messagesWe have added a confirmation dialog when user clicks the Terminate button for suspended messages.Operations > Message Box Queries
Receive Ports did not display the Filter CheckboxWhen trying to search for receive ports in the Search Artifacts section, the filter check box was not displayed. This issue is fixed and filter check box is now displayed in the receive port grid.Operations > Application Support > Search Artifacts

Bug Fixes

Reported IssueComments/Fix ProvidedSection in BizTalk360
Column name (Duration) was missing in BizTalk360 but available in BAM portalThe column name (Execution time) available in BAM portal was missing in the BAM Column list in BizTalk360. This issue is fixed now and the user will be able to see the Duration.We also fixed another issue where a Super User (with access to BAM Activity) was receiving an exception message when trying to edit the BAM Data Monitor.The exception message will no longer appear for the user from this version.Operations> Data Access> Business Activity Monitoring
Tool tip not displaying the full messageThe tool tip displaying the message in MBV was limited to few (say 500) characters and the users couldn't view the full message. This issue is fixed now by adding a property icon for MBV.Operations> Health Check Tools> Message Box Viewer
No visual cue if the page loading for a long timeUsers had no visual indication when page load took a long time due to the large amount of data in the database. We have enabled a visual cue at top of the page.Operations> Data Access> Business Activity Monitoring
Mismatch in Tracking Pipeline propertiesChanges to Tracking properties through BizTalk admin console was not reflected in BizTalk360 causing a mismatch. This issue is fixed now and the Tracking details are reflected correctly in the properties sectionOperations> Infrastructure Settings> Tracking Manager
Issue in handling Web Endpoint logicThis situation occurred when there were over 50 web endpoints being monitored. When the server is rebooted, customer was receiving a batch of endpoint exceptions all at once. This was because the failures are handled differently in BizTalk360, and it resulted in a race condition to kick in. This issue has been fixed and parallel processing has been implemented in web endpoints. This will allow batch processing to be done.Monitoring > Manage Mapping > BizTalk Environment > Web Endpoints
Inappropriate Verify button in Gateway settings screenThe Verify button has been removed. Clicking Save will automatically verify the gateway settings before saving the data.Settings> Gateway/Proxy Settings
Incorrect validation message while submitting a new messageWhen the user tries to resubmit the text/plain message using the WCF-On ramp or SOAP On-Ramp the message, the system displayed incorrect validation message. This issue is fixed now and correct validation will be displayedOperations> ESB Portal> ESB Exception Data
Wrong health status in global node of graphical tree viewIf any of the node in the graphical tree view goes RED, and there is a Warning (Yellow) state as well, the global node shows Yellow instead of Red
. This issue is fixed and the global node will display the correct status.Monitoring> Home
Unable to view the orphaned NT serviceWhen a configured NT service was removed or renamed, the artifact moved to the Orphaned state, but the status was not reflected as 'No longer exist" in the dashboard. This issue is now fixed and when an NT service is in the orphaned state, the status will display as No longer exist in the dashboard.Monitoring > Home > Manage Mapping > BizTalk Servers > NT Services
Scroll does not work in Secure SQL queries when selecting a queryThe user was unable to scroll through the list of queries when there are lot of saved SQL queries. This issue is fixed and the scroll will work as expected for secure SQL queries.Operations > Data Access > Secure SQL queries
After opening a saved Query expression, the results don’t match the filterIn Advanced Event Viewer, when the user saves a query and re-opens the query (for the first time), the results did not match the filter. This issue is fixed and the query filter displays the result as expected.Operations> Data Access> Advanced Event Viewer
Users without permissions were able to edit and execute queriesUsers without permissions to edit the query were still able to do so by making the changes in the query editor pane and selecting the query (again) from the drop down. By doing so, the query results section reflected the results of the modified query. This issue is fixed and users without permissions to edit the query will no longer be able to edit the query.Operations > Data Access > Secure SQL queries
Table [dbo].[b360_alert_AttachmentsToClear] needs the primary key alteredThe table [dbo].[b360_alert_AttachmentsToClear] has the primary key set on its name. This causes an exception when data monitoring tries to insert a new row with the same name. This results in failure of MBQ data monitoring execution. This issue is now fixed and the Primary Key Constraint error no longer appears.BizTalk360 Database
Unable to download more than 10 instances on IE browser (versions)Users were unable to download more than 10 service instances from the Message Box Queries using an Internet Explorer browser (IE 9, 10, 11). Users can now download any number of messages with Internet Explorer (based on the system settings option).Operations > Data Access > Message Box (Queries)

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