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Release Date: October 5, 2016

Table of Contents

  • Bug fixes

Bug fixes

Reported Issue Comments/Fix Provided Section in BizTalk360
Issue when loading the list of vocabularies in Business Rules Composer Few vocabularies did not load as expected in the Business Rules Composer. This issue has been fixed and now all the vocabularies will load as expected in the business rules composer. Operations > Rules > Business Rules Composer
Unable to access X12 agreement after upgrading to v8.1 Post migration from v8.0 to 8.1, there was a problem in accessing the X12 agreements. We have fixed this issue and users can now view the X12 agreement after the migration. Operations > Electronic Data Interchange
False alarms were triggered by BizTalk360 Users will no longer receive any false alerts from BizTalk360 with status as "Unknown". Monitoring > BizTalk Environment > Host Instances
Deadlock issue in data retrieved from BizTalkDTADb table We have fixed the deadlock issue that occurred when retrieving the data from the BizTalkDTADb table in the database and displaying them in the analytics widgets. Analytics > DashboardAnalytics > Messaging Patterns
Unable to download more than 10 service instances on IE browser (versions) Users were unable to download more than 10 service instances from the Message Box Queries using an Internet Explorer browser (IE 9, 10, 11). Users can now download any number of messages with Internet Explorer (based on the system settings option). Operations > Data Access > Message Box (Queries)
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