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Article Summary

Release Date: 02 November 2016

Table of Contents

  • Brand New Features
  • Bug Fixes
  • Performance Improvements
  • Known Limitation

Brand New Features

FeatureAbout the featureModules and Section in BizTalk360
Advanced Tracking ManagerWe had this functionality in the previous versions. We have now enriched this feature with the capability to enable/disable tracking on the artifacts like Receive Ports, Send Ports, Orchestrations, Schemas, Pipelines, and Policies of the BizTalk Application.Operations > Infrastructure Settings > Tracking Manger
Enable Live FeedWe have introduced a new flag to enable/disable the Live Feed feature from System Settings > Enable Live Feed. This flag is toggled ON by default for existing customers migrating to v8.2 and for new customers, this flag is toggled OFF by default.Live Feed
Latest Version NotifierIf there is an upgrade available, the application will display a notification icon next to the support icon on the top right corner of the screen. By clicking the icon you can read the release notes and download the latest MSI.Note: This improvement is implemented in v8.2, the user can experience this feature from the next release. You must be connected to the Internet to experience this feature.Top right corner of the application

Bug Fixes

Reported IssueComments/Fix ProvidedSection in BizTalk360
Save Query function not working as expected in BAM ViewIn version 8.1, the save query option was not working as expected and the users were unable to open the saved query. This issue is now fixed and users can now save the queries and open the saved query as expected.Operations > Data Access > BAM > BAM View > Activity Search

Performance Improvements

Module and Section in BizTalk360Description
Operations and Data monitoring screensPreviously when a page gets loaded in these sections, all the API service calls related to the page ran in the background during the initial load. This has been improved by segregating the API service calls in these sections.
AnalyticsAnalytics database architecture is fine tuned to improve the data fetching from the performance counter related widgets.

Known Limitation

IssueDescriptionModules and Section in BizTalk360
Opening a Saved Query for multiple ActivitiesIf there are more than one BAM activity listed, and when you try to select a different Activity and a saved query (say, of the first activity), the fields will not be retained as saved. As a workaround, first select the Activity and then open the saved query.Operations > Data Access > BAM > BAM View
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