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Release Date: 09 February, 2017

Table of Contents

  • Brand New Features
  • Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes

Brand New Features

Feature About the feature Modules and Section in BizTalk360
EDI Reporting Manager We have added an additional feature Reporting Manager in Electronic Data Interchange. With EDI Reporting Manager available in the BizTalk360 web console, the users can manage EDI Reporting and AS2 NRR Configuration within BizTalk360. Additionally, the users can perform bulk operations in EDI Reporting Manager using BizTalk360. Home > Operations > EDI
EDI Dashboard We have added the Dashboard functionality for Electronic Data Interchange. Out of the box, EDI Dashboard comes with predefined widgets under 3 major groups like the EDI Interchanges, EDI Transaction Set, and EDI AS2. EDI Dashboard represents data in both graphical and grid view. Widgets operations in EDI Dashboard remains the same as Operations Dashboard except creating custom widgets. Home > Operations > EDI
Functional ACK status We have added a new type of reporting called “Functional ACK Status” Report to the existing list of EDI reports. When the user select's this report, BizTalk360 lists the interchanges with functional acknowledgement status. Additionally, the users can create data monitoring alerts on the Functional ACK Status Reports and receive alerts during negative functional acknowledgements. Operations > EDI > Reports > Build Query Expression
ESB Dashboard In this release, BizTalk360 has added ESB Reporting capabilities to the ESB portal. With the ESB Dashboard, the users can view aggregate reports of ESB Fault Count, ESB Resubmissions, and ESB Itineraries in a graphical manner. Widgets operations in ESB Dashboard remains the same as Operations Dashboard except creating custom widgets. Home > Operations > ESB Portal
Logic Apps Operation In v8.1, we introduced Azure Services Monitoring, now we have added the capability to manage the Logic Apps within BizTalk360 UI. The users can perform operational actions on Logic Apps such as Enable, Disable, Run Trigger, and Delete. In addition to this, the users can perform bulk actions on the Logic Apps. Trigger history and Run history details are available in both graphical and grid view. Home > Operations > Logic Apps
Webhook channel Along with Slack and ServiceNow we have now introduced an additional custom notification channel - Webhook channel. Home > Monitoring > Notification Channel


Enhancement Comments/Fix Provided Section in BizTalk360
Transactional set details We have added the view Properties icon to the Transactional set details report in EDI reports. The users can click the view properties icon against Transaction set id to view the message content. Operations > EDI > Reports > Build Query Expression
Tracking Data collection We have revamped the BizTalkDTADb data collection logic and architecture to improve the performance of BizTalk360 Analytics. Analytics
New tab for managing Tracking data collection in Analytics Now the users can enable tracking data collection only for the required instance/category from the Analytics section Analytics
Payload bulk message download BizTalk360 now has the capability to download bulk payload messages to a specified location on the server. The server download location should be configured in the Systems Settings. Monitoring > Data Monitoring > Message Box
Download service instances to Server We have enhanced the option to download the Service Instances to the Server. The user can download Service Instances from Message Box Queries and Graphical Flow Tracking to the local server. The server download location should be configured in the Systems Settings. Data Access > Message Box (Queries)/Graphical Flow (Tracking)
Additional filter options for ESB exception data We have added additional conditions like "Is not equal ‘and ‘Contains’ in ESB filter option. It also applicable in ESB Data monitoring. ESB Portal > ESB Exception Data > Build Query Expression > Add a Filter

Bug fixes

Reported Issue Comments/Fix Provided Section in BizTalk360
Save Azure Queue with "Unkown" status When a user saves an Azure Queue in BizTalk360 with unknown status, BizTalk360 doesn't allow the user to change the values for other queues. This issue is fixed and the values can be changed as expected. Monitoring > Manage Alarms
Monitoring Notifications SQL Server Settings When the user erroneously leaves space between the two server names in the SQL Server settings tab, the user will not be able to save the setting. Now, this issue is fixed and the system will automatically trim the unnecessary space between the server names. Setting > Monitoring and Notification > SQL Servers For Monitoring
Message content is not showing properly in IE11 The mismatch in message content for plain text and XML in IE browser is fixed now and the user can view the message content properly in IE9, IE10, and IE11. Operations > MessageBox Queries
Pipeline component properties are only partially visible When the user tries to view the Pipeline Properties the Assembly information was not fully visible. This issue is fixed now and the users can view the Assembly information completely. Operations > Applications > Pipelines > Properties
Issue in BAM View Column name When the user edit's a BAM view to modify the name of any view item and changes its alias name, it was not getting reflected in the Available columns list in BizTalk360 UI.This issue is fixed and it is working as expected. Operations > Data Access > Business Activity Monitoring > BAM View(s)
Applications details not getting refreshed properly in Monitoring Dashboard When an artifact is mapped to an alarm with the expected state as "Do not monitor", then the monitoring dashboard is not getting refreshed with the details of the Application. The mappings are not getting removed and we have to manually remove the mapping. This issue is fixed. Now, when the user configures the artifacts with "Do not monitor" state, the system will automatically remove the artifact from the mapping. Monitoring > Dashboard
After opening a saved Query expression, the system displays wrong filter properties In ESB Exception Management, when the user saves a query and re-opens the query, the system displays wrong filter properties. This issue is fixed and the query filter displays the result as expected. Operations > ESB Exception
No Details found for Unprocessed Messages in Throttling analyser This issue is fixed now and the user can view the unprocessed messages information in Throttling analyser. Analytics > Throttling
Graphical Tracking query builder is hanging when Promoted Prop Messages Schema is executed This issue is fixed and the Promoted Prop Messages loads as expected when the query is executed. Operations > Data Access > Graphical Flow (Tracking)
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