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Release Date: 25 July 2017

Table of Contents

  • Brand New Features
  • Enhancements

Brand New Features

FeatureAbout the featureModules and Section in BizTalk360
Host ThrottlingFrom the v8.5 version, BizTalk360 has the capability to monitor the Host Throttling feature including the publish and delivery throttle conditions. The different counters include Rate Throttling, Process Throttling, System Throttling, Database Size, User override, Thread count, and Database Session. With this feature, the user will be able to enable the throttling conditions at the Host level. Monitoring will happen for all host instances under the configured Host. When any one of the parameters violates the threshold condition, then the alert service will notify the user accordingly.Home > Monitoring > BizTalk Environment > Host Throttling
Email TemplateWe had the concept of Email templates in the previous versions of BizTalk360 as well. With the v8.5 version, Email Templates has been revamped to accommodate more customization options and a fresh UI. Multiple email templates can be created (different alarm can use different templates) with customization options including the Email format with dark and light color theme, change the alert description, logo text etc. By default, the Email template is applied to light theme.Note: When migrating to v8.5, your existing email templates including custom template will be moved to the default template. Post migration, all the existing alarm will use the default template and you can configure a new custom template with the options available in v8.5.Home > Settings > Monitoring and Notification > Format Email Template
BizTalk Server AvailabilityWe have introduced a new monitoring capability that will check for the BizTalk Server availability. Using this monitoring option, the current status of the BizTalk Server will be indicated on the BizTalk Servers page under the Monitoring section. Server Availability is determined by either ICMP protocol or Telnet Protocol.Home > Monitoring > Manage Mapping > BizTalk Server > Configure BizTalk Server availability
Integration AccountAs a part of increased support for Hybrid Integration, we have introduced an Integration Account feature  in BizTalk360. The users can access this feature in operation section under Azure Services. This feature will help the user to view different artifacts like Schemas, Maps, Certificates, Partners and Agreements from Integration account in configured Azure subscriptions.Home > Operations > Azure Services > Integration Account


EnhancementComments/Fix ProvidedSection in BizTalk360
Optimize Artifact Tracker & Messaging PatternsWe have optimized the Artifact Tracker and Messaging Patterns underlying code to improve the performance.Home > Analytics > Messaging Patterns
Web Endpoint alert message improvementBizTalk360 now has the capability to display more information related to the violation. In addition to the existing message, now BizTalk360 will include the endpoint name in the reason column to easily identify the violated endpoint and the response return code and time are also included in the alert notificationHome > Monitoring > BizTalk Environment > Web Endpoints
Event Log alert message customizationUsers will now get the event log description in the alert notifications. Additionally, users can configure the number of event logs and size (up to 5000 characters) of the event log description in the system settings.Home > Monitoring > BizTalk Servers > Event Logs
Data Monitoring alerts in custom notification channelEarlier, data monitoring alerts were limited to email alerts. Now, in v8.5 we have enhanced this feature to receive the data monitoring alerts in the custom notification channels like Slack, Service Now and Web hook.Home > Data Monitoring
File Location(Directory size monitoring)In this release, we have enhanced the option to monitor the size of the File location(File/FTP/SFTP) in BizTalk360.Earlier, the users can view the directory size and file count of the file location in the grid but monitor only the file count. In this release, we have enhanced the option to monitor the directory size of the File location(File/FTP/SFTP) .Home > Monitoring > File Monitoring
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