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Release Date: 29th November 2017

New Features

FeatureAbout the featureSection in BizTalk360
BizTalk ReportsBizTalk Reports feature offers out-of-the-box capabilities that provide the option for users to create schedules and generate PDF documents of critical performance metrics at specific time periods, depending on the requirement. The report will contain the graphical display of the key performance metrics of the (BizTalk, SQL, IIS servers), Messaging performance, Message transmission failure rate, and Event log metrics.Analytics
Event Log Data MonitoringUsers can monitor the event logs from (BizTalk, SQL server) in an environment by setting up data monitoring alarms. With event log data monitoring, users can configure the rich querying capabilities to monitor the event sources from multiple servers in a single place.Data Monitoring
Microsoft Teams notification channelOut of the box, BizTalk360 users have the option to receive alert notifications to external channels like Slack, ServiceNow, and Webhook. Based on the gaining popularity of the Microsoft Teams App and user feedback, now we have added Microsoft Teams to BizTalk360 Notification Channel. Users can now connect a Microsoft Teams channel to their respective BizTalk360 alarms with the proper Webhook URL and receive alert notifications.Notification Channels


EnhancementComments/Fix ProvidedSection in BizTalk360
Multi lingual supportBizTalk360 is already capable of supporting multiple language alert notifications. Now, we have enhanced the support for BizTalk artifacts that have been created in languages such as French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch in BizTalk360Across the application
BAM related activitiesIn this version, we have enhanced the current BAM feature to accommodate the Related Activities and Related Documents Functionality in the interface of BizTalk360 similar to BAM portal. This enhancement will allow the user to download any BAM related documents in the BAM Activity.Business Activity Monitoring
ServiceNow configuration fieldsWhile enabling ServiceNow notification channel in BizTalk360 alarms, we have added additional configuration fields like Assignment Group, Category, Sub-category, Configuration item, and Additional comments. Note: When migrating from a lower version to v8.6, ServiceNow DLL has to be configured again to reflect the changes in alarms section.Alarms > Notification channel
Event log enhancementsOperations - Now users can view and query the event log data for any SQL server added for monitoring along with BizTalk servers. Monitoring - All event type description will be listed in alerts configured for all the notification channels.Advanced Event Viewer
Detailed alert notificationNow users can get the ESB exception details occurred in ESB portal in the Data Monitoring alert (both email and notification channel). Also, Service Instances details will now be displayed in the alert notifications.Alert notifications
Data Monitoring span across the dayBizTalk360 supports Data monitoring span across days. Say, for example now users can set an data monitor alarm from 9 am to next day 8 am. (users can get alerts for the 12 ‘o’ clock cycle)Data Monitoring
Accessing the TroubleshooterTo reduce clutter on the main screen of BizTalk360, access to the Troubleshooter has been moved to the Profile menu.Main screen

Bug Fixes

Reported IssueComments/Fix ProvidedSection in BizTalk360
Special character (.) dot was not recognized in SQL server nameBizTalk360 was not recognizing the special character (.) dot in the SQL server names. This issue is fixed in this release.SQL server monitoring
Server name not displayed in the alert notificationWhen more than 1 server is configured in an environment and a host instance is stopped in any of the server(s), the name of the server(s) is not displayed in the alert notification. This issue is now fixed and the server name of the stopped host instance is now displayed in the alert notification.Email template
Application name not displayed in the alert notificationThe new email template was not displaying the application name, where the issue was from. This issue is now fixed and the application name is displayed similar to the previous versions.Email template
Issues in BHM configurationThe BHM configuration was allowed to save without providing any path in BizTalk360. This issue is fixed by doing a validation check in the background.BHM
Same alarm name cannot be importedThis issue is fixed now to import the alarm to the environment which has the same alarm name configured in it.Alarm Import
Cache issues in MSMQ screenIn the MSMQ screen, queue information was not refreshing automatically. This issue is fixed in this release.MSMQ monitoring

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