Configure Twilio Notification
  • 07 Nov 2022
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Configure Twilio Notification

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What is Twilio?

Twilio is a cloud communication platform that makes sending and receiving SMS very easy. With the Notify REST API, you can build great notification experiences across multiple channels, including SMS and push notifications. Twilio Notify makes it possible to reach one customer or a million on their preferred channel with just one API call, helping you connect with your users the way they prefer to communicate.

Business UseCase 

Twilio is a widely used platform for communication and the main necessity for Twilio Integration in BizTalk360 is the limitation of the native SMS notification. The Twilio Notification Channel works as an alternative to the SMS notification and alerts about the health of an environment. With this notification you can easily get to know which application is not in a healthy state and also it will update the status of other Monitoring Group Types results too such as File Locations, Queues, BizTalk/SQL Servers, etc. This precise SMS notification from Twilio helps users to get an insight into the BizTalk environment anytime anywhere.

How To integrate Twilio into BizTalk360?

Twilio comes as a default notification channel in BizTalk360. To associate your Twilio Notification channel in BizTalk360 you need to update an Account SID, Auth Token, To and From numbers.

Follow the below steps to acquire the details of Account SID, Auth Token, and Number

  • Login to Twilio with valid credentials
  • Click on your account you should be able to view the Account info (or) Navigate to  Account->General Settings -> Keys and Credentials to view the details .


 Follow the below steps to update the aboveacquired details in BizTalk360 for integration  

  • To configure PagerDuty navigate to BizTalk360 Settings->Notifications->Notification channel
  • On the available default notification channels, select Twilio and click Edit Configurations, Which opens the Twilio Configuration blade
  • Twilio Settings In the Configuration blade update the Account SID , Auth Token , From Number (The number you got from Twilio) and To Numbers(To whom you need to send the notifications )
  • Notification Settings - Enable "Notify only Error(s) and Warning(s)" to notify only the error and warning state artifacts in the alert. Else the artifacts which are in a healthy state will also be listed in the alert
  • Use Proxy - Enable "Use Proxy" if you have configured a proxy in your environment
  • Finally, to save the Twilio configuration click Save
  • On Successful configuration, you can Enable Twilio on the Alarm configuration page.

Character Limitation in Twilio Notification 

If you configured more artifacts for monitoring under the same alarm then you will not receive the detailed message. Due to the character limitation of up to 1600 characters in Twilio SMS Notification, the message will be trimmed and only the high-level status about the monitor type will be sent.

To receive the detailed message it's advised to create multiple alarms and map only the limited artifacts.

Here is how the detailed and trimmed message looks like


What is new in BizTalk360 v10.4?
BizTalk360 extends its support for Twilio Voice. User can select their preference to receive the notification as either SMS, Voice or both

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